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We know that furniture alone is not enough to craft a great office space, one that will bring productivity to its full scope. Startups (and bigger companies) need to understand and implement a few key elements to keep up with the new trends in office interior design.

The open-concept workspace

office interior design

Almost every new office owner struggles with the idea of furnishing an office: setting up walls, hiring contractors, designers, all of the common hassle of creating an office space for any kind of workforce. Some of the problems associated with office furnishing have been countered by the recent culture of open-concept workspaces.

Some people have argued against open-plan offices, which simply signify the disappearance of the classic cubicle walls, in favor of shared desks, privacy panels, and modular furniture.

The real benefit (for the company) comes in the form of decreased real estate, maintenance, and furnishing costs, but open-plan offices are not for everyone. If you’re looking to make the change, just keep in mind that it is better to run a survey on how your employees would feel about it.

If you haven’t hired anyone yet, one key solution you can implement is to ask your prospect employees beforehand if they’d be comfortable (or have experience) working in open space plans, and set up your employee roster from there.

Have a dedicated area for creativity and relaxation

office interior design

There is a difference between having a coffee lounge, some eating quarters, and actually implementing a central space that your employees can use to get out of their desks. Most people are indeed used to staying in their cubicles (or open-plan workstations) for 8 hours a day, probably getting up to use the bathroom or have a smoke break. The office of the future is healthier and more conscious in its efforts to make employees happy and productive. You don’t need to become Google, but you can have a central space to induce creativity. Somewhere your employees can have lunch, spread their legs, or simply do some work on their laptops while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

Don’t over furnish

office interior design

Let your employees have a say in what goes and doesn’t go to the office and on their workstations. Sometimes employers over furnish their offices to try and offer as many experience-driven solutions as they can. However, this can lead to clutter and decreased flexibility, which in turn affects productivity. After you set up an open-plan office, let your employees complement their spaces with their own (pre-approved) perks and recreational add-ons.