There are many ways you can make the most of everything that your Princeton Desk by Global Furniture Group has to offer. The desk is one of the essentials of all office work, and often, how you use it will be the most vivid reflection of your personal organization and style of work. These three tips will help you in your daily routine to keep your desk tidy and take advantage of it in the most efficient way:

1.- Make minimalism reign. Have you ever come across a desk overloaded with unnecessary objects? Surely yes, and also remember the anxiety that caused you. Make sure yours doesn’t look the same and leave only what you really need for your daily work on it.

2.- Establish a weekly “cleaning day”. This is one of the most convenient routines, which can help you a lot to start your week with renewed energy and a feeling that everything flows. Preferably on the last or first day of the week, make sure that your Princeton Desk is free of junk items that are only hindering your work.

3.- Give your desktop personality. Scented candles, a small bouquet of cute flowers, a beautiful family portrait, or a small decoration that reminds you of a trip or endearing moment in your life, will give your desk its own spirit and personality.

Start working with a Princeton Desk and discover everything it can offer you!

Princeton Desk
Source: Global Furniture Group