At Manhattan Office Design, we know that it isn’t enough to know everything about trends or about the latest office furniture breakthroughs. You need to think outside the box in order to succeed and, I know, it’s cliche and stereotypical, but many people forget about that when they’re putting together an office.

Most people are interested on ‘what works’ or ‘what most people are getting,’ and most of them think that innovative design is found there already. This is not always the case. Innovative office design is about getting creative with your space. The old ways of working are almost gone, so looking towards the future is a must, and the future brings a lot of new ideas that you can implement right away with our help. Think about these 4 ways to do a different kind of interior design.

Which one appeals to you the most? Let us know.

Sound control

When most people think about open-plan offices, they tend to forget about the importance of sound pollution. Offices can be noisy, even when everyone is concentrated and facing their own computer monitor.

One of the ways in which new offices are innovating is through sound control solutions like acoustic panels, carpets, and dedicated spaces free from daily turmoil. The Magnuson Group has really good examples of this.

Meeting rooms for particular teams

Alright, we’ll admit that it is hard for some people to think about this as a plausible addition to their office layout. Getting a dedicated meeting room for each team can be a real hassle is you manage a lot of people, but try to think about the benefits: less time spent on meetings overall and less time spent looking for available meeting spaces.

Motivational audiovisual reminders

Every office will look very monotone and boring without some decor on the walls. Most people think about the logical solution: wallpaper, maybe a couple works of art, company logo in big bronze letters,

but what does that say about your office?

There are many new and innovative ways to go about decor in your office, and the best ones have to do with motivation. Coming to the office is daily work, it’s routine, and people can get lost in that routine. Consider making the decor interactive, and let your office walls tell the story of how you got there.

Remind both your employees and your clients of your value through dedicated office interior design, the best brands on the industry are already doing it.

Unassigned rooms

This trend is as popular as it is creative. There is no right way of implementing an unassigned room in your office space, as they can be meant for anything. You can have unassigned rooms in open-plan spaces to give people more privacy; you can have them as optional lounges, a place for smokers to gather, or just an all-purpose room for company events.

The best idea, however, is to try and maximize the space of your current office by doing smart office interior design (with our assistance, preferably) and then looking at the space you have left. Try to furnish each of your unassigned spaces with a particular topic, that way you can also contribute to their fair usage. Lots of padding and soft couches for R&R or some task chairs and tables for a more private space to get some work done.