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Interestingly enough, modern office furniture is an industry that not many people think about, but that affects a huge part of their daily lives. I don’t want to get into the cliché of how modern office furniture is “all around us,” and “permeating” every aspect of our lives because that’s not true and I’ve used that verb too much.

However, this article does need to state the importance that there’s an industry of tens of thousands of people and billions of dollars behind your noisy, 5-year-old executive office chair and its development. It didn’t come to your cubicle by accident, so let’s look at some of the people that are making that happen in 2019:


The people at HON enterprises really know how their stuff when it comes to office furniture. You can see how on their website they’re employing marketing strategies that look like they’re directed to you alone and not some nameless company.

Actually, that is a very smart approach, even if you’ll only see their website because I just told you to do that, and you’ll never see it again afterward. That’s only the front, what matters is the catalog, which is immortalized in their Product Configurator Tool, which I invite you to check out because it’s pretty varied.


Like HON, these people are pioneers and gatekeepers of modern office furniture design in America. They are the commercial furniture design leading brands of our area, and they have a lot of competition, but they still stand out.

Humanscale’s products are a bit sleeker, so maybe they’re sort of the “Apple” of furniture design, or at least they’re trying to look the part.

Their sit stand desks are proof of this and also proof that modern office furniture can be a little more human (no pun intended).


Okay, originally we meant to write about Mayline, but you might have heard that this company has been acquired by Safco.

Safco is one of the oldest in the batch, but it still keeps going strong. Sporting a more traditional look, they sometimes look like your average big American company. One that doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

However, Safco is actually defying some standards in modern office furniture. Their catalog is way more diverse than most other companies here, not only because they’re older but because they understand the different needs of each department.


When I look at HPFi’s website pictures, it doesn’t feel like I’m looking at office spaces, it feels more like I’m looking at a certain mid-century modernist lounge, like a night club in

the 70s or something like that. It’s so colorful, padded, and filled with strange materials.

I’ve learned to love this look by forcing myself to understand how it changes the idea of the black-and-white office, which is boring and outdated. The High Point Furniture Industries are celebrating 60 years this year, and there’s a reason for that.