Modern companies in New York are adopting innovative trends in commercial office design. And different working environments are leading this groundbreaking movement.

These different working environments better reflect modern needs and values. They adapt to employees’ needs and personalities, making them healthier and happier.

Explore these workspaces that will inspire you to craft an engaging working experience:

Quiet Zones

Open-plan offices are the norm now but introverted employees might find them uncomfortable. Noise and distractions disrupt these employee’s work, leaving them exhausted and unhappy.

A quiet zone is a dedicated space for silence and privacy. Something your most introverted employees will enjoy. You can create a designated Quiet Zone like the one these New York architects A+I designed.

a picture of an office designed by A+I architects showing a quiet zone

They created separate rooms within an open workspace using dichroic glass partitions. These colorful glass walls demarcate boardrooms and meeting rooms suited for deep focus.

Experience-driven Spaces

Experience-driven spaces are all about the relevance of employee experience at work. Think of what companies like Google have been doing for the past few years. These offices’ design focus on incorporating functional amenities for their employees.

Meditation areas, yoga studios, rock climbing walls, drink bars, game rooms, theater stages. They all can improve the workplace experience for your guests and staff alike.

Short on space? Have only a dedicated meeting room with modular furniture to clear the space when needed. Schedule activities meant to give your employees respite from a busy week in this space.

Take a look at Nike’s flagship retail store in Soho. They took an experience-driven approach and designed dedicated areas for different activities.

an image showing Nike store in soho, a treadmill in front of a TV wall.

There is a treadmill in front of a TV wall simulating different outdoor runs to test out running shoes.

An image showing several mem playing in a mini soccer frield in Nike's store in Soho

There is an enclosed mini soccer field for soccer fans.

an image showing a mini basketball court in Nike's store in Soho

And there’s a mini basketball court where basketball fans can test their aim!

Respite Room

Our manufacturer Steelcase partnered with Microsoft to foster creative thinking at work. They created a Respite Room, “a quiet place for the brain to rest and access spontaneous thoughts.”

A woman working with a laptop on a Respite Room

Respite Rooms combine active collaborative work with private, individual time. Ideas will flow in an attractive and comfortable environment. These spaces feature Microsoft Surfaces and modular power distribution to charge your devices. All this in a private, safe room, absent of the stimuli of an open plan office.

Soundproof Booths

Much like quiet zones, soundproof booths allow people to focus in privacy and silence. Soundproof booths are perfect for private phone calls and meetings. These are often a standing booth or they can have a small seat. Unlike all other workspaces, they are completely individual.

New York Company Room designs soundproof private phone booths for open plans offices. They use acoustic experts to ensure private conversations in their booths. Each booth is well-ventilated with a discreet, ventilation system.

A picture showing a ROOM soundproof booth in an office, with someone in it having a phone conversation.

The best part? Room uses soundproofing materials made out of recycled plastic bottles! The booths are lightweight and adaptive, so they easy to move around an open-plan office.

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