Trends in commercial interior design in New York are always in motion. As more and more millennials enter the workforce, more commercial interior designers must focus their office projects in ensuring the newcomers feel more welcome as well as creating a comfortable environment to work and collaborate.

Here are 4 commercial interior design trends that will dominate the picture in 2019:

Incorporate Adaptable Furniture

Any good office in New York invests on people based on a particular set of skills they have, instead of just one. Why should be different in terms of their commercial interior design?

Focus on furniture that can serve several purposes. Multifunctional pieces will benefit your workspace in more way than one.

This adaptability will allow users to adopt a room so better fit their requirements at any time.

Workers can move chairs, benches, and tables; have more appreciated control and autonomy over their workspaces. Adaptable furniture can also increase your savings in both money and space by taking on several roles.

But what do we mean by adaptable furniture? We’ll give you an example.

Height-adjustable desks allow users to go from a standing position to sitting down during their day, depending on their preferences and needs. That’s a great way to encourage healthy posture and even deep focus while being comfortable.

Integrate Technology

Research has shown that 80% of employees claim technology, including mobile devices, laptops, and video conferencing capabilities, has significantly improved their workplace environment.

Integrating new technologies in your commercial interior design projects will allow your offices to be increasingly more flexible. Users who work on mobile devices can take their work anywhere with them, make this easy for them. Integrate technology in your commercial interior designs solutions so your clients have the capability to complete projects from any quiet corner in their workspace.

Use sofas and comfortable chairs to make an inviting lounge area where people can work independently or as a team. Or, let team members share and collaborate at their desks by equipping workstations with monitor arms that allow people to easily move their computer monitors up, down or side to side.

Add Nature

Most of the current workers in New York are environmentally conscious. Employees make an effort to buy eco-friendly products and care about reducing their carbon footprint. It’s time for commercial interior design to match these values by integrating elements of nature in their office designs and bringing more green elements to the table.

There’s more than one way you can accomplish this, beyond bringing more plants to the office or creating a living wall. For example, we work with manufacturers like Steelcase that focus on sustainability: they are not only eco-friendly but avoid incorporating unnecessary or wasteful elements to their furniture.

Design with Intention

Finally. Commercial interior design must be done with the idea of promoting productivity and positivity in mind.

Research has shown that 90% of employees believe office design impacts individual and organizational productivity.

Make sure you’re aware of your clients’ interests and needs in terms of the office setting. Ask yourself, what commercial interior design elements are crucial to keep end-users happy and healthy.

We have shown you already how adding adaptable and ergonomic features like height-adjustable desks will not only encourage healthy posture and focus but show you care about their clients’ well-being.

Trust us, taking the time to follow these trends will benefit you in the not so long term.

Making these changes will help you decrease lost productivity and absenteeism caused by musculature pain and other detrimental or distracting health problems.

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Interested in applying these commercial interior design trends? Contact us and we’ll help you create a healthier, and happier workplace in New York.