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Modular Office Furniture

We are seeing more and more offices in NYC moving towards more flexible office design styles. Maybe it’s related to changes in working hours or news ways of working with millennials and freelancers or it could simply be about office redesign. Whatever the reason is, one style that has become more prominent in modern offices in NYC is modular offices.

Modular office furniture has its benefits and drawbacks, but it’s mostly about being versatile and easily adaptable to the needs of modern companies with a great deal of flexibility. Moreover, Modular office furniture is elegant, modern, and can easily fit the design of any office and suit the needs of the work that is done there.

What Exactly Is Modular Office Furniture?

Modular Office Furniture

Modular office furniture is what we call office furniture that can be easily moved around and adapted based on your needs. Modular Office Furniture is comprised of several parts that are interchangeable and all add up to a whole. For example, you could have several environments with the potential to come together to create a nest of collaborative working, depending on the work that needs to be done. You could move things over to create a more focused environment or an area in which people can meet and work together. Modular office furniture is flexible and cost-effective.

HPFI’s Flex Seating

Modular Office Furniture

The HPFi’s Flex Seating collection can be divided into three choices: Flex Lounge, Flex Tiered, and Flex Ottoman.

  • Flex Tiered is HPFi’s offers of comfortable, multi-level seating for groups of team members to assemble informal or casual meetings. Flex Tiered is perfect for reception areas, waiting and conference rooms, lounge or open atrium areas. It’s easy to reconfigure and maximizes room functionality.
  • Flex Ottoman is HPFi’s offer for casual gatherings, making perimeter spaces more useful and suitable for collaboration. You have additional optional “ganging” capabilities for more permanent configurations in several sizes of round, square and rectangular shapes that you can combine with the rest of the HPFI office furniture collection.
  • Flex Lounge is the midpoint between the informal Flex Ottoman and the Flex Tiered filling the gap with a more modular lounge approach. Flex Lounge offers you more comfortable seats and modular benches that can be easily reconfigured. Flex Lounge includes 30” high padded backs and 2-sided seating ideal for dining halls and conference rooms.
Modular Office Furniture


  • Power and USB Modules that can easily be placed anywhere to stay connected on the move.
  • Comfortable multi-level seating for groups to gather for casual meetings.
  • Makes perimeter spaces more useful and suitable.
  • Enhance aesthetic appearance by using multiple upholsteries.
  • Durable construction ensures years of comfortable use where ruggedness is required.

Benefits of HPFi’s Flex Seating

Modular Office Furniture

Let’s check out the benefits of HPFi’s Flex Seating in a bit more detail.

It’s easy to move

HPFi’s Flex Seating is made from light materials that are easy to move in a hurry, but that doesn’t mean it’s not reliable or high-quality. If you decide to change your office environment, move locations, or simply redecorate, you won’t have to buy new office furniture nor be a huge fuzz to move your furniture. This makes the HPFi’s Flex Seating a cost-effective alternative, given the mobile nature of modular office furniture. Something many modern companies find very attractive.

It looks amazing

No matter the benefits, the way your office furniture looks is everything when it comes to giving the right impression to your guests, clients or customers into your office. By having high-quality modular office furniture like the HPFi Flex Seating you’ll be giving the best impression to those visitors. HPFis has shown us that office furniture doesn’t have to be large and bulky and that having a lightweight but efficient modular office furniture will show that your company is confident about what it does and how it works.

It’s versatile and flexible

Modular office furniture is very flexible to your needs. We already mentioned that you can move it around much more easily than traditional office furniture, but that is only the beginning of the story. You can change the look of your office with ease because all great modular office furniture like the HPFi Flex Seating has that elegant, modern appearance as standard.

You can easily adapt any piece of the HPFis Flex Seating collection into a collaborative area, or you can easily move a chair into a reception area, and it will not look out of place. You’ll be saving money on your future office moves and redecorations!

It’s comfortable

HPFi Flex Seating gives your team members a comfortable and attractive place to work. We can’t tell you enough how important this is: a team member who enjoys their surroundings, who is comfortable in where they work, will always reach their potential and do a better job than someone who doesn’t like the office or isn’t comfortable at their workstation.

We are confident that there are several, different types of employees in your company: those team members who like to work in privacy, quietly, those who like to be more collaborative and vocal, and those who like to do both. In that case, investing in modular office furniture can help you to move around your office design and make everyone happy. With HPFis Flex Seating you can create quiet areas for those tasks that require privacy and silence as well as collaborative areas with large desks and open spaces. You can meet the needs of your employees and put them first.

It’s cost-effective

We understand that at the end of the day, it all comes down to your budget. But you should know that all of the benefits mentioned above add up to cost-effectiveness. With HPFis Flex Seating, you don’t have to keep changing and buying new office furniture, you don’t need to keep adding to your furniture set. You already own it, you simply need to move it around and be creative.

The flexibility and long-lasting nature of modular office furniture mean that you and your company will save a great deal of money on office design. The mood of an office can be changed without spending a huge amount of money. You can change the feel of any space and easily adapt to changing working practices, and you can help your team members who need a quieter space, allowing them to be comfortable to get their job done to the best of their ability.

Is your company ready to make the move into modular office furniture? The benefits of modular office furniture like HPFis Flex Seating can certainly show you just how positive a move that could be, and despite the initial cost, there are minimal costs in terms of office design from that point forward.