Having the perfect ergonomic office is not an easy task, in fact, it can cost a lot of money and time. We know that. Even though we work with the best furniture brands and interior design firms, not all of them offer solutions for every budget.

Sometimes it might be better to get an accessory that can improve the condition of your seating and your workstation. This can be a very good, and affordable, quick solution to a very big problem. Ergonomics is everything today, and we have already written extensively about that. Trying to avoid burnout but can’t purchase a whole ergonomic office task chair? Get yourself some (if not all) of these accessories:

Monitor Arm

The relationship between desks and computers can be tricky. A good posture requires your monitor to be at head level completely, but usually they tend to be higher, lower, or at an angle that requires you to squint or work in an uncomfortable position. In fact, you might spend the entire day working in an uncomfortable position without noticing.

When you get home you might start feeling pain on your neck and back, and you might not know why. The best way to ensure good posture in regards to your computer is to get a monitor arm or a laptop stand, which is similar.


Most of us work with our feet firmly on the ground, some people like to stretch their legs (though this isn’t always possible). Other people are short, and their feet can’t reach the ground. All three of these people have something in common: they are not getting the right lower back posture.

Supporting your feet on an angled footrest will greatly improve your seating experience by helping to keep you grounded (quite literally). Besides, some of them allow you to quietly exercise while working.

Smart Desk Lighting

If your office doesn’t have enough natural light, and you find yourself working in the dark a lot of the time, again, you might not notice, but you’ll be much more tired when you get home.

Consider getting a desk lamp, and if you’re worried about energy consumption, and heat. Consider getting smart and affordable desk lighting. These lamps have smart dimmers and, like Humanscale’s lamps, they sometimes have energy-saving LED bulbs which project a single shadow that will do wonders for your eyesight.

Keyboard and mouse systems

Everything related to your workstation (except maybe from lighting) comes back to posture. If you don’t get the chance to have a height-adjustable desk, for example, you might find yourself slowly crouching into a very bad posture that will take a toll on your health when you’re older. 90% of office workers spend their days on computers.

Keyboard and mouse support systems can help you counter that crouching posture by putting efficient distance and height between your computer elements, the desk, and yourself.

Chair supports

These accessories are padded additions that you can place of your office chair to provide yourself with back and lumbar support. They will make your chair much more ergonomic, and it will give you a lot more control over how you can sit if you don’t have an ergonomic adjustable task chair.

When you use them in tandem with the other items on this list, your entire ergonomic experience at work will definitely change for the better. Besides, as we mentioned at the beginning, they are much more affordable than getting a whole new task chair with lots of functions.