There are many different task chairs with many different purposes, but only the best task chairs get featured on Manhattan Office Design. Our manufacturers have been putting a lot of crazy-good chairs

We will probably do some extra roundups with specific criteria in mind such as price, features, back type. There is a lot to showcase from the best furniture stores in the United States.

Humanscale Diffrient World

Humanscale’s no levers and no knobs policy permeates every aspect of their beautiful task chairs. Even though the Freedom chair is unbeatable in its ergonomic prowess, other seating choices from their product line can showcase their design genius. As one of the best executive office furniture companies currently producing task chairs, Humanscale’s expansive knowledge of the human body is expressed through product like the mesh-back Diffrient World task chair, which is much more economic than the Freedom chair and just as perfectly balanced.

AIS Upton Stool

Functionality and simplicity come together in this sturdy, yet comprehensive design by AIS. Featuring a circular footrest for added ergonomics and a beautiful black mesh finish, the Upton stool also has tension adjustable synchro-tilt capabilities, seat depth adjustment, and different back lock positions.

This is one of the most customizable office chairs, and very affordable. AIS also has great commitment and passion for sustainability, so you’re also going green by choosing this beautiful mesh-back.

Safco Mercado Alliance Chair

Modern furniture stores need to keep innovating if they want their products to rise through the ranks.

Safco understands that a great way to stand out is by bringing back some classic looks while also using the best materials.

This leather task chair comes with tilt-tension and tilt-lock features and has a beautiful, double padded black leather finish. The space between the added leather cushion on the back and the thick seat will give you the best feeling whenever you recline on it.

HON Ceres Task Chair

Simple but extremely elegant, the Ceres mid-back task chair comes with synchro-tilt, seat height, seat depth capabilities, and adjustable arms (with 3 different configurations). There is an optional 4-way Stretch knit fabric back that you can order which adjusts to your spine and provides excellent comfort.

The people at HON are experts at combining functionality, modularity, and vision.

Indiana Eden 500 Task Chair

The beautiful high-back office chair from Indiana furniture is the definition of an executive chair.

Functionality-wise, it has a seat slider, a synchro mechanism, and swivel, but its real talent lies on expert craftsmanship and material quality, the kind that’s just hard to get anywhere else.

The fixed armrests are curved and lowered to avoid having to adjust them, as they will fit under most desks while still providing you with enough arm support to comfortably stretch your legs and recline after a productive day. The angled back has a deep valley on the center that encases your body in top-quality leather and the headrest is slightly angled forwards for better neck and head support.

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