The workplace is changing rapidly into a kind of space that’s separated from most people’s idea of an office. It is becoming more dynamic, more wide-ranged, and it is beginning to accept certain things that were considered to be bad or wrong. Companies are moving forward with new ideas and innovations that defy customer’s expectations and wishes.

The furniture world, of course, needs to keep up.The best furniture stores in the United States are constantly renewing their product lines not only to beat the competition but to offer new ways of looking at the workplace. Us, the employees, will ultimately be benefited, but we also need our employers to pay attention. So let’s talk about 5 trends that are taking over modern office furniture in NYC:

Standing Desks

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​If you ask most people who know a thing or two about modern office furniture, standing desks haven’t really taken off yet, but they are definitely a thing. It would probably be pretty hard to try and sell one of these desks to your parents, for example.

Again, they stem from new conceptions about how the workplace works and what a workstation is. However, a standing desk or a “sit-stand desk” like the ones found at Humanscale can greatly improve your health while at work, though getting the proper rest and breaks is always recommended.

Ergonomic chairs

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No, seriously, we know. Ergonomic? That word has been around for ages! Everything today is ergonomic, right? Well yes, and no. Ergonomic office furniture sometimes is more a buzzword than anything else, so it can be pretty misleading. What really gives commercial office furniture these characteristics?Companies like HON and Humanscale, again, understand the importance of making real ergonomic furniture that has individual, direct health benefits for the people. They want to see this as the function of the object itself. That, right there, is real ergonomics.

Executive Chairs

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Even though office executive chairs are a staple of modern furniture design, there is a very narrow gap between them and regular “task” chairs, and that is a good thing for modern office furniture. This is not to say there should not be a difference, there will always be one, most likely. However, it is pretty good to know that you’re probably getting an “executive” chair the moment they get into an office space. Not because of their position but because of how modern office furniture is becoming more widely available.

Shared office spaces

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This has been an incredible advancement in the history of office spaces and also modern office furniture and office interior design. The advent of shared office spaces produced a new way of thinking about office furniture and its exclusivity, which is great.


One of the most promising landscapes and one that affects the craft of modern office furniture greatly is the home office. Many brands like HON, Mayline, Humanscale, all of the good ones, are learning how to create working spaces for individuals that aren’t attached to a company. Freelancing is the future of work, and they know it.