Manhattan Office Designs understands the importance of individual health, and we want you to know

about that. It is not only about what your company can do for you, it is also about what you can

do for yourself. There are many ways in which you can live an ailment-free life while being in the office, as well as avoiding burnout. You only have to do a few key adjustments here and there and your work experience will improve significantly. Let’s begin:

Correct your posture

Your employer can give you a new chair, new desk, new lighting, and even a new office, and none of

these things will improve your overall health if your posture isn’t right. And let’s be frank: nobody can

fix your posture for you. To maintain good posture simply pay attention to your back, head, and arms.

You back, for starters, should always be on a straight line. Your arms shouldn’t be angled or hanging

for long periods of time (hence the importance of armrests). Your monitor should be entirely at face

level (ideally) so you don’t have to tilt your head for a long time. Doing that will usually result in lots of

fatigue and stress, and you’re putting strain on your neck muscles without noticing (until they hurt).

Keep a healthy distance from the monitor

Remember those times when your parents told you to stay away from the TV or you’d go blind? This is what they were referring to. Again, your computer monitor should be at eye level, close enough to avoid squinting, and far enough to avoid headaches. The best furniture stores usually design their new adjustable desks with special panels for laptops to counter this issue. Remember to keep a good desk light around, something to also keep you from late-night, work-related headaches. Try to look around as well, focus on something very far away and let your eyes readjust to natural light.

Try to move around

Take a walk around the office. There are so many ways you can do that. Grab a cup of coffee or tell your boss you’re going to the bathroom. Even better, be honest and tell them you need to stretch your legs, surely they will understand. Repetitive tasks and long sitting periods lead to a lot of disorders of the skeleton and muscles. A few minutes of moving around every hour will totally do the trick. That task you just couldn’t get done? You’ll see how you finish it much quicker, take a walk and shake the stress.

Get yourself a footrest

Footrests are one of the most affordable and quick ways of making your own workstation more

ergonomic. They will help you keep your seating position straight after long periods of time by providing angled support and keeping your legs in a comfortable position. Many people slouch in their chairs after long periods of time. Don’t do that! It will hurt your back. If you’re feeling slouchy after an hour in front of the computer, see item number three again.

Give Manhattan Office Design a call

We have a wide array of affordable product solutions for individual offices that will help you get some ergonomic qualities into your life. Again, we don’t just cater to large companies looking to put together

an office. We firmly believe, nay, we are sure that you deserve to be comfortable at work.

Interested in making sure your office’s furniture reflects your business? Contact us, and we and our manufacturers will make it happen for you.

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