9to5 Seating is just one of the many office furniture brands that MOD keeps in their roster, and today we want to talk to you a little more about them. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

affordable task chairs

Here at Manhattan Office Design, we appreciate great humor, especially puns, and the people from 9to5 seating have given us the perfect holiday greeting for the furniture industry: ‘chairs to a Happy New Year!’ Such a statement is not just amusing but quite valid in their case, as they seem to be making the most affordable office chairs that you will be able to buy this 2019.

9to5’s Chair Designer and Task Chairs

affordable task chairs

One of the greatest features of any retail website is the ability to let your customers know exactly what they’re getting before they get it. This includes having them see the actual product in 3D, looking at trial photos in a given setting, or having them make their own product choices directly through the site.

HON has a chair configurator, and 9to5 has a Chair Designer tool for the same purpose. They also have a handy comparison pop-up window for up to 4 chairs, so you can see how they stack up price-wise and in terms of functionality.

So let’s compare some chairs. 9to5 has many brand names and product lines, making them a much more comprehensive option for people who are currently on a budget. The first one is their Logic 1725 ($360) which is the entry-level upholstered task chair with limited functionality. This entry-level price is much lower (about $200) than other starting chairs, and the trend continues for all of their other models. We’ve also chosen (for comparison) the high-back Strata 1590 ($720), the mesh-back medium-sized Neo 3160 ($425), and the beautifully upholstered Cydia 3300 ($775).

Affordable and Great-Looking Chairs

affordable task chairs

Their Cydia line was the recipient of the 2014 HiP award for Budget Minded Design Solutions, a prize that they received at that year’s NeoCon. Given its popularity, we’ve chosen it to try their Chair Designer, to see if we can create a great 9to5 task chair to buy ourselves.

The starting model, 3300, is already beautiful, but we decided to modify the upholstery to give it a completely black finish, which doesn’t affect the $775 price tag. Moving on we have the functions, which do affect the final cost.

A Cydia 3300 with sliding arms costs a hundred more, and by adding a few adjustments here and there for lumbar support and better wheels, the chair now costs $840.

This is an astounding price if you consider that we’ve chosen one of their high-end chairs, you can choose a mesh-back variant and the price goes down exponentially.

Other companies would probably set this type of chair (functions and finish included) at above $1,000.

At Manhattan Office Design, we’re always on the lookout for the best deals in office furniture, and we think 9to5 deserves a chance. Don’t you?