Since we are leaving behind the days of transit restrictions and lockdowns, and beginning a new normality period, many companies are returning to a face to face work. While a big part of the office workers are staying home, there will be always a workforce at the core of operations that need to be present. This teams more than ever, need to feel protected to work with focus and productivity.

One of the requirements more demanded now by teamworks, while they return to their workstations, is about safety and privacy. The recent pandemic has modified the preference for the open space concept, either in your office or your home. Social distancing, separation and protection are now a priority for team works, and some adjustments need to be done.

But there is no need of wandering how to make this happens in your office. Manhattan Office Design has a great set of alternatives in benches, panels and workstations, designed to adjust and adapt your office space, creating a safe, functional and comfortable space.

AIS Divi: Flexibility and Integration

Divi is the line of AIS Furniture for workstations panels. The versatility of AIS Divi will allow you to create any kind of office space you need: From a classic open office, to customized privacy sections, Divi combines functionality and flexibility with a total integration with the other collections of Divi, such as Divi Linear, Caliber, and Day- to- Day, the collection of office tables of AIS Furniture.

These open possibilities with AIS Divi are easy to get, due to its monolithic, segmented, glass and stack configurations; and the simplicity of its universal hinge that allows 90, 120 and 135 degrees’ configurations.

Global Bridges II: Endless possibilities

Bridges II is the collection of Global Furniture for panels, privacy screens and seating modules of Global Furniture that allows you to create and combine different elements to obtain virtually any office space you design.

Whether in open plan spaces, reception or teamwork areas, there is always an answer of Global Bridges II for our requirements of work. All the elements of Global Bridges II can be easily integrated with the other collections of Global Furniture, like Bridges, Bulevard, and System 3. If you want to see your teamwork to connect, share and achieve, don’t miss the alternatives that Global Furniture has for you.

One Showroom to get it all

If you want to experience closer all the world of possibilities that Global Furniture and AIS Furniture have for you, you don’t have to settle just with the online views. Manhattan Office Design offers you the opportunity in their showrooms: AIS Showroom NY and Global Showroom NY. Come with us to see firsthand the convenient solutions of Manhattan Office Design for any office requirement, from private to open, and from freestanding to integrated solutions.