2020 has been a great challenge, for everybody. The Working From Home revolution, WFH is taken all over the place. The amount of labor force that is now incorporated from its own houses, is every time bigger and bigger.

And their natural demand is to build or enhance their workplace in the house; this is, their home office. And AIS Natick could be your great ally to make it. 
AIS Natick is one of a kind collection. It has all the ergonomic standard requirements to guarantee you good performance at work: Lumbar support, height control, and arms rest.

But also you get all your benefit with style. Thanks to its characteristic, fully upholstered, stripe mesh back, Natick can bring all the color and design that a cool home office may need, just as it does in your office.

And not only color, but functionality has great opportunities with AIS. You can explore a variety of base and arm configurations, choices of task or stool, headrest, and then go from there. 

Beauty and functionality are never opposites, and AIS Natick can prove it with its perfect balance option of a great and beautiful office chair at affordable prices. Go to Manhattan Office Designs and feel the energy of this great furniture partner.