AIS or HON furniture. These two furniture giants engage in a fierce duel for the top spot. Who will emerge victorious from this comparison? Probably both of them, because they’re both great companies. What sets them apart from each other? Their mission, and their product lines, both have a different focus. Let’s dive in.

Which one has the best office furniture?

The HON company was established in 1944 while AIS became a thing around 1989.So, if we’re going to take seniority into consideration, it would be pretty safe to assume that HON has been doing this longer, and is therefore better.

Coincidentally, both companies’ names are acronyms of the original old names they had when they opened. HON stands for The Home-O-Nize (your office) Company, and AIS stands for Affordable Interior Systems.

Modernity, by the way, has taken both furniture companies very similarly. Their websites seem very keen on showing you all the different products, all of the work spaces, supplies, office design choices, chairs, and desks. However, HON is a bit more of a showoff.

AIS, on the other hand, keeps a much more corporate look, and you don’t get to see everything right away. We could conclude that, as far a commercial furniture goes, HON is more individual-oriented than AIS, which panders a bit more to companies themselves.

So, who wins the battle?

Like we’ve said before, it all depends on who fits their customer criteria and what their overall mission is. But if you want a clearer answer, go to these websites yourself and take a look at the state of modern office furniture.

You will find that your own needs as a working individual greatly affect your opinion on these companies. Who do you think is the winner? Who is the best furniture store in NYC? Your own choice might be a better guess than ours.

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