When it comes to workstations, everything counts. Whether it is power access or panels for privacy and safety, all details add up for a comfortable and productive environment, and AIS Oxygen is one of the most powerful tools to get the most of your team.

And that’s the case for Style. AIS Oxygen provides you with choices that adapt to your corporate image, promoting the team cohesion and integration. we can see it in its different legs:

Straight Legs. A solid, classic squared structure. 

Slim Legs. A stylish and sleek line.

Slant Legs. A dynamic but robust design. 

These choices are enhanced with several combinations in glass screens, task lights and other accessories in style.

AIS Oxygen is without a doubt the awarded benching line for a multifunctional, beautiful and dynamic workplace.   Go to Manhattan Office Designs and get in touch with the latest trends in workplaces, with AIS Oxygen