Oxygen is the line of AIS for bench workstations. With a variety of materials and textures, the AIS Oxygen line meets all the requirements in connectivity, aesthetics, storage, and surface available, providing the best experience to your team. 
In the field of workstations, the standards of design have to be really high to meet all the expectations required. The efficient use of space and the need to forget the most shared panels while keeping the social distance may look like a really complex endeavor. Nevertheless, AIS Oxygen outstanding design provides enough flexibility to adapt to changes. The remarkable features of the AIS Oxygen line include: Structural spine beam; a steel framework with telescoping rails, and work surface boxes with flip-top doors that contain USB ports, electrical outlets, and data jacks. 
The AIS Oxygen bench system is flexible enough to provide both teams collaborative and private spaces according to your needs and in concordance with the recent demands of prevention and safety. Besides the AIS Oxygen bench system provides unparalleled aesthetic and functional flexibility for customers that aspire for a modern, open workplace environment.
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