Are you looking to make the investment into a new office chair?

Finding a comfortable, ergonomic, and affordable office chair is near to impossible. But trust us, having the perfect office chair is worth the time and the money invested in it.

Health research keeps telling us over and over again: sitting is the enemy. But for most office workers, it’s unavoidable— unless you’re able and ready to commit to a standing desk. If that’s your case, we’ve got you covered, too. The right office chair needs to be comfortable and prevent back and neck pains.

That’s why we decided to take a closer look at the best office chairs options in the market. We’ll dedicate one article to office chairs from our manufacturers. These office chairs go from affordable budget options to more luxurious picks.

The Humanscale Freedom Office Chair

The first impression you get, even before you sit on this Humanscale Office Chair is how beautiful it is.

Most office chairs favor functionality and ergonomics overlooks. The Humanscale Freedom Office Chair accomplishes both while looking amazing.

The Humanscale Freedom Office Chair features an impressive metal frame. You can choose between graphite, titanium, and polished aluminum options. The crucial component of a great office chair is adjustability. And the Humanscale Freedom packs a great deal of adjustability settings.

First, both the headrest and backrest adjust organically to the body as you move while on the chair. A back lever influences the position of the backrest. And of course, there’s also a seat lever to control the height and adjust the chair depending on how tall you are.

Height and Pivot Adjustable Armrests

Following that note, the armrests are also height adjustable, essential for ergonomics. Not only do they go up and down to allow you to have your arms at 90 degrees as you work. The allure of that adjustability is how easy to adjust they are. Simply pull on the end of the armrest to disengage and that will allow you to adjust its height. To bring them up, simply raise them with your hands, and wherever you leave your hands is where they will stay.

Available with the advanced armrest, a component allows you to pivot the armrests. This influences where your forearms rest as you put your hands in front of the keyboard. Don’t worry, even if you keep the standard armrests you still keep the height adjustability.

Body Weight Based Adjustability

Our favorite feature of the Humanscale Freedom Chair is the intelligent counter-balancing system. This feature eliminates the need for obtrusive knobs and tension control levers. The Humanscale Freedom Chair adapts to you and raises your body as you lean back. How? By using your body weight to influence how much force you need is required to recline the chair. You can see this as the dynamic adjusting headrest adjusts according to the recline of the chair.

Seat Slider

A seat slider is an important feature you should be looking for when you shop for an ergonomic chair. The Humanscale Freedom Office Chair’s seat slider allows you to adjust the depth of the seat either in or out. Why should you care about this? Because this impacts the lumbar support you get as well as the amount of clearance behind your knees.

all the features of the humanscale freedom office chair


The Humanscale Freedom Chair features a wide range of adjustability features. The headrest, backrest, armrests, and seat adjust to suit the body. The Humanscale Freedom Office Chair control its recline through its intelligent counter-balancing system. Unlike other chairs, the Humanscale Freedom uses body weight to counter-balance the recline.

Great functionality, top-notch adjustable ergonomics, and a beautiful look. The Humanscale Freedom Office Chair one of the best-looking chairs available today.