We all spend hours of our life sitting at work, so it’s crucial we choose the right office chair. In our pursuit to find the best office chairs in New York, each week we review our favorite office furniture.

Provided by our manufacturers, these chairs perfectly balance comfort, affordability, and ergonomics. They offer great value, great comfort, or great ergonomics. So, we’re confident they pass the test of being on the spotlight.

The Humanscale Liberty Office Chair

a picture showing the humanscale liberty office chair

The Liberty Chair, produced by Humanscale, is beautiful, comfortable and wonderfully-designed. The back, seat, and armrests are gracefully connected to two curved rods. These go from the bottom of the chair up to the back, to finally split in two ways to form the armrests.

Humanscale believes that without 3 interdependent meshes, you won’t get the right flexibility or back support. Unlike many chairs that feature a single sheet of mesh, the Liberty Chair holds true to this belief.

Comfortable Design

The Liberty Office Chair features a slight, thin back and seat. The back is porous and see-through, built with a mesh that splits into three parts. This way, the mesh backing supports your back in every support way.

The back seat reclines with a counter-weight system to allow you to remain comfortable. You will be able to keep the same eye level whether you’re sitting up or reclining while you work.

The seat features an unusual thin foam core, wrapped in upholstered techno-gel. Techno-gel allows the seat to adapt to the user’s body while remaining comfortable.

The Humanscale Liberty Chair keeps it simple with adjustments and features. Height-adjustable armrests can adjust according to your needs. What might seem a failure in design, it’s actually part of the original design. Humanscale decided to drop the need for countless adjustments. This decision certainly improves the look of the chair.

a picture showing several humanscale liberty office chairs in a meeting room table


The Liberty Chair is a beautiful office chair from a respectable company. Comfortable set and back with an irresistible look at an affordable price.

The Humanscale Liberty Chair is above average in comfort, support, and ergonomics. All these while remaining attractive to the eye, too.

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