Office Renovation Trends: Beyond 2021

If you are about to start a long-awaited office renovation in NY this year, there are several factors to keep in mind. There is a real shift in office design in NY trends since we entered the pandemic times, and it’s probably that we won’t see clearly how will this end at least for a couple of years.

But some patterns are emerging without doubt and it’s convenient for you to keep up with it to get the most of your office renovation. Some spaces are considered traditionally as great information sources about the evolution of the office, like the NeoCon Exhibition.

NeoCon is a very influential platform and one of the biggest shows for commercial industrial design. It takes place each year in Chicago, and it acts as a big encounter place for designers, contractors, manufacturers, media, and any interested in the world of furniture and office design.

And what are the trends for office design in 2021 and beyond?

In a very dynamic market, the awakening of an uncertain period, there are some innovations worth mentioning that are reshaping the 2021 office idea. Let’s take a look.

A Flexible Office

HON Furniture, one of the leading brands in Manhattan Office Design, has one of the most innovative offers in the market, with its Workwall, a kind of command central with multiple choices for any employee. Likewise, in the market, there are great options in private but dynamic, easy to relocate solutions like the Office Phone Booths, and the Office Pods, designed to allow space and facilities for private calls, online meetings and reserved tasks.

Getting the most of your office space

One of the keywords for space planning in NY of a new type of office is flexibility. Your particular office setting may change a lot depending on the particular needs of your business and your teamwork. From a typical workstation office to a hot desk set, your office furniture provider in NY must be capable of giving lots of choices in space management. Portability, mobility, easy-to-adjust, are the main attributes for a useful, dynamic workplace.

A safer place

The current post-pandemic times made us aware of the need for cleaner, safer spaces. In a modern office layout,  workstations must consider elements like social distance, separators, and easy-to-clean materials. The implementation of Hot Spots contributes greatly to the good maintenance and hygiene in the office.

Outdoor Spaces

In part motivated by the prior element, the need for an open work environment is gaining ground, too, and employees are eager to spend at least one part of the workday outdoors. Traditionally, offices considered outdoor spaces as recreation and distressing spots. Now, with a general desire for a more natural surrounding, furniture manufacturers must appeal to creativity and collaboration between design and architecture to create a proper layout. To create strong but portable office furniture is the main purpose.

Manhattan Office Design, the leading name of office furniture in NY, is at the top of the 2021 trends, creating alliances with the best brands in the market. HON Furniture, and its leading products like HON Ignition, Preside, and Empower, is one of these successful alliances, and a guarantee of quality and high-end design.

For further information about office furniture in NY, don’t hesitate to call Manhattan Office Design for a fast and quality response, at  (212) 466-6476, or send us an email at [email protected].

Office Phone Booths: The Future of Office?

Let’s talk a little bit about the office design of the future, and the role of the Office Phone Booths.

The office did not disappear. It just evolved.

Certainly, Working From Home is here to stay, and video calls will replace lots of face meetings, but in the end, presence is necessary at some point in almost every business. So is more than justified to invest in your office and expect the return of a great workspace for your team.

Most of us spend around 40 hours at work each week. Much of this time is spent at the office. Naturally, this means that it has to be a place where great work gets done, and where employees feel happy and productive.

Working flexibly from home or other spaces will become more common, but the office won’t probably go anywhere. First, you have to consider that some businesses require personal presence due to their nature (some services, for example).  The future of office will be linked mostly to a hybrid model, where classic offices, coworking spaces, and working from home employees get together to create.

Coworking – Hotspots – Office Phone Booths

Co-working spaces can be great for various kinds of creatives and professionals. The existence of co-working environments reflects that office spaces and human-to-human connections still have a place in the modern working environment. Coworking spaces are good alternatives too for companies that require some staff in satellite zones.

The classic open office concept, shifts to a more human-centric office, with a home-like style. Offices are designed to accommodate different uses in harmony: the regular workstation employee, the remote worker that use to go to the office, must find a way to share space and resources in a harmonized, coordinated effort. 

The office must adapt to the different kinds of working styles and tasks instead of forcing the worker to adapt to an office that doesn’t support modern knowledge work.

One of the recent innovations for a flexible, dynamic workspace is the Office Phone Booth

What’s an Office Phone Booth?

Phone booths and meeting pods offer a quiet private space for calls and concentration.

A Phone Booth is a perfect solution to have your discussions in privacy without disturbing your colleagues, for example, to make important calls and participating in video conferences. Depending of its size, one Office Phone Pod allows people to have 2-4 person meetings, brainstorming sessions, and important one-on-one conversations in private without disturbing the whole office.

One fine Office Phone Booth includes all the equipment you need to make things easy: a tabletop, air ventilation system, electric socket and LED lighting. The purpose is to provide an echo-free, fresh and comfortable working environment. They can be highly customizable for some manufacturers.

Materials and Texture

Generally, the glass elements of the booth are sound control laminated glass. The exterior of the booth is painted sheet metal or brushed stainless steel. The frame is made of Formica laminate on birch plywood with varnish trim. Walls and roofs may have an alloy of sheet metal, birch plywood, recycled acoustic foam, and an acoustic felt.

If you are undertaking an office renovation in NY, always keep in mind that your structure (number or original use of rooms), doesn’t have to determine your layout. The same office can accommodate a wide variety of uses with human-centric design and mobile solutions like phone booths and meeting pods. With non-fixed solutions, the same space can also be altered to offer a solution to changing demands in the future, with minimal costs.

The future of the Workspace

In the future, office real estate is a resource that is used more efficiently. Gone are the days of massive open-plan offices full of wasted square meters of dysfunctional space.

The design of the space is also done in a manner that enables the layout of the office to adapt to changing demands, for example, by utilizing non-fixed furniture & meeting rooms, phone booths and other elements that can be rearranged easily.

  If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust in Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer in office solutions, with the best brands in the market, at really affordable prices, we can guide you through the evolution for a workspace that works for you.

Renovating Your Office in NY with Manhattan Office Design

We are at the beginning of a new normalcy in NYC, and business will back promptly. If you need to undertake the renovation of your office in New York, there are some tips to take into consideration, from learned lessons during these pandemic times.

Your Office will not be the Same.

This current pandemic changed for a long time the relationships of work. Some people just will never get back to their offices, working remotely. Some will ask for a part-time scheme. And for all of those that get back in the office, they will notice that it has some changes, and even request it. What are these changes, and what can Manhattan Office Design do for you to help you?

Mix individual places and common areas.

Not only due to the Working From Home revolution you will find the need for a renovation in your office. You will need to change the layout just to provide proper social distance in your current workstations. Any workroom made for team meetings or intensive collaboration spaces with little distance may be reconsidered, so, individual workstations are a must.

But not only the individual workspace requires some changes. Privacy and safety count a lot more, so in order to keep a balance between employees working in their personal space, and conference rooms, the adoption of limited spaces to provide privacy and isolation is a new rising trend. Office Phone Pods may help you to harmonize the requirements isolation and privacy for small meetings, and while the rest of the floor keeps working in their daily routine, small teams may reunite and have that delicate videoconference quickly.

The hot desk and a cleaner space.

A safer, cleaner space is a basic requirement nowadays. To sustain a healthier office, current research shows us that assigned workstations tend to be a lot dirtier than non-assigned workstations.  This is due to the convention between management and cleaning crews of not cleaning spaces with personal belongings. So, the adoption of non-assigned workstations, and to transform a good part of the office into a common space where workstations are taken when employees arrive, will assure an automatic improvement in the hygienic and sanity of the whole place.

Tools to improve your office, with Manhattan Office Design

You don’t have to be lost or confused with the next steps you should take to take your office to the next level. In Manhattan Office Design we can help you all along the way. From our On-Site Consultation service, operating from your office, and meeting on-site; to our commercial partners with the ultimate in office design, you can be confident of being in good hands.  With excellence in brands as HON  Furniture, AIS Furniture, and Global Furniture you will count on the precise tools required to make that big change in your place.

Panels, Workstations, and Benching Systems.

To create and renovate your office spaces, you will be better with the best companies in the business. HON Furniture, with Empower, its trustable line of workstations; AIS Furniture, with Divi, its versatile line of panels and benching; and Global Furniture Group with Bridges II, its useful line of office connection systems, you have all the tools to create, renovate and relaunch an office to succeed. Manhattan Office Design has the best price relation and the best customer support services to make it work and worthy for you.

If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer in office solutions, with the best brands in the market, like AIS Furniture and HON Furniture, at really affordable prices.

Looking for Office Chairs in NY? Global Factor is your choice

Business is back in the Big Apple and the word on the street is reopening. While we know that there is not a return to old normality, we all know that we are back in the game. And there is no time to lose.

We are coming back from harsh times and every investment should be carefully considered.  If you are looking for office chairs in NYC, your investment must show a clear return and affordable prices. Have you ever consider Global Factor, by Global Furniture?

Factor, by Global Furniture Group, is your best choice in NYC.  With the most competitive price and with stable high quality and features, it will be one of your most profitable investments.

Factor is the task chair collection by Global Furniture that makes you recalculate the value equation for ergonomic work chairs. For a price more than competitive, you have a chair designed to perform optimally on a daily basis.

Features of Factor, by Global Office Furniture.

  • A characteristic sleek, monochromatic backrest is its design trademark. Its strong upper handle allows moving the chair easily anywhere in the office.
  • Lots of color options in armrests. Fixed or forward-swept with soft-touch,  highly resistant urethane armcaps for an easy grip.
  • A comfortable fabric seat with an angled seat edge, to reduce the pressure of blood flow on your thighs.
  • Options in casters to assure a good displacement of the Factor chair, whether in carpet or the floor.

The Color Factor

They call it Resimercial and it’s the last trend in office design in NYC. Both Resimercial or any current trend are looking for a more hommie place, warmer and greener. And that means color. With your traditional office furniture, you can count on its ergonomic design to take care of you and your team, but they maybe look a little outdated with that dark, sober, boring tones. Nowadays, with Global Factor, you have enough options to bring a warmer feeling to your office.  With 12 brilliant colors to choose from, you can bring all the style in, and create an outstanding 2021 workplace.

If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer for office solutions, with the best brands in the market, like Global Furniture Group, at really affordable prices.

Choosing Office Furniture in NYC

If you are in the middle of an office renovation in NYC, you will have to buy some office furniture.  Choosing furniture for your business is a crucial decision that will surely impact not only your performance at work for years, but the whole well-being of your team, and your corporate image, so it’s crucial to get the most of this kind of procurement. In Manhattan Office Design we are ready to help along this process with the best customer service, the best brands in office furniture, and ergonomic office tools for a healthy workday.  Nevertheless, there are some basic steps highly recommended to minimize mistakes and guarantee satisfactory purchasing.

First Step. Know Your needs.

This is particularly crucial in the case of office furniture. You are buying office furniture for a business operation, so you have no budget to lose. Your investment must satisfy your needs, and no your dealer’s request form. Why are you buying furniture? Are you investing in your head office? Customer service office? What about the reception lobby? Are you looking for seats or whole workstations? Do you want to improve the ergonomic settings of your team and boost productivity?. This is a step where the basic questions are made. It is convenient to have the guidance of an experienced professional to help you define your first priorities. You can count on the experienced advice from Manhattan Office Design from here, to guarantee a successful purchase.

Second Step. Choose Your Style.

Offices, just like homes, have style trends. Colorful and energetic? Sober and calm?  If you are looking for office furniture design in NYC, don’t miss that the Big Apple is the quintessential home of Mid Century Modern style. This is something that reflects both home interior design and office interior design. Minimalism and little ornament, Clean cut lines, solid bold choices of color, stainless steel and wood, are some of the features of this trend. But you must look out for yourself and see what makes you and your team happy and comfortable.

Third Step. Consider Your Brand.

Deeply related to the prior step. Do you have a legal services office? A two-story bakery with a second floor for administrative tasks and logistic departments? A colorful, dynamic office set up will go sweet with the bakery, while a sober, classic leather furniture reception chairs may serve well to the legal services office.

What’s the spirit of your brand? Maybe your brand is an established one, with many years of success, or it’s evolving to adapt to a new corporate image. This is something worthy to consider prior to the furniture purchase. In Manhattan Office Design we have the best brands in the market to match with your corporate image: From a dynamic, colorful everyday collection like AIS Natick by  AIS Furniture, to classic presentations for sober spaces, like HON Ignition, by HON Furniture. There is always a great collection that fits in your business space to create a harmonious place.

Fourth Step. Measure.

Never purchase furniture without measure it. It is important to measure not only the new items to buy (height, length, wide) but the entire surrounding: Your room dimensions and entry. Measure your space and furniture will avoid lots of headaches later on.

Fifth Step. Set a Budget and a Timeline.

Now that you know what do you need, and how do you want it, you can talk about buying it. Is important to set a budget line and a timeline. This will help you to make some decisions and go forward. A budget restriction will make you reconsider your items and assign priorities. This is complemented when you add a dateline.

Sixth Step. Purchase.

The purchasing itself is an important step when you acquire furniture.  You may find significant differences between dealers not only in prices but in delivery conditions, online customer support, and consulting.

In Manhattan Office Design we’ll provide you with experienced consulting resources that may help you during all the purchase process, from selecting the right items, to guarantee that there is a  right match between your space (dimensions, air supply, light sources, and corporate image) and your office items.

Other key elements to consider when you make an office purchase are: price and financing, estimated time of delivery, and a friendly online interface to provide a good buying experience.

If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer for office solutions, with the best brands in the market, like AIS Furniture and HON Furniture, at really affordable prices.

Renovate your NY Office, NY Style

If your business is located in NYC, and you are looking forward for an office renovation, there is nothing better than do it New York Style. Let’s have a little chat on how to succeed in New York with your office design.

Renovating your office in NYC

Anyone in the world of business knows very well that local customs and practices are important. A well experimented business man learn about local customs to communicate and promote trust around its products and services. Is not different in New York City and its business sphere, and the style of your office may play a good part to promote trust, create a colaborative space and succeed in the big apple.

How does a successful NY Office look like?

In the NYC environment, a successful business must project trust, confidence and a positive vibe, but without being too overwhelming. Big Apple customers appreciate comfort and good lighting, so good office furniture is  a must. Natural sources of light and cleanness are highly appreciated. Let’s share some tips about it:

Tips for a successful furniture design in NYC

Take care of your image

If your business has a head office and customer service offices , is important to take care of your corporate image. They both need to be attended and project a beautiful, coherent and modern image. Daily business happens in your customer service office, and in the hyper competitive market of NYC,  clients take note of  it. On the other hand, the big decisions are taken in your head office, and key investors and visitors take notice, too. But always keep in mind that office furniture design avoids always overwhelming, excessive décor .

Your Customer Service Office

If you have a customer/ public service office, some elements are key. Comfortable chairs for the public and a beautiful, but sober coffee table are a desired standard. In reception areas, a well-thought desk, provided of proper office furniture is definitely a wild card, and it can create a perdurable impression on customers. In Manhattan Office Design we are ready to help you with the best office seats for all the requirements of a modern office, like office workstations, reception chairs and customer service furniture. With the best brands of the market. Like AIS Furniture, HON Furniture, and HumanScale Furniture, Manhattan Office Design can help you to choose the best match for your office  both.

Always good lighting

Good lighting is basic, because it project trust and honestly. If natural sources are available, they must be used. Large windows and small, bright ceiling lamps are always welcomed.

The influence of Industrial Design and Mid Century Modern

Another characteristic element in NYC offices interior design is the exposure of the ventilation and condensation system supplies in the hollow ceiling beams. They are considered itself as a decorative element, in a industrial, or Mid Century Modern style.

Flowers and plants

As a décor element, NYC business and offices use to have flowers. Nowadays, the green trend is quite strong, too. This is, big green plants.

If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer of office solutions, with the best brands in the market, at really affordable prices.

3 Major Trends for a Successful Office Renovation in NY this 2021

June 2021 is the month that could mark a return to normality in many places around the world, including NY. We may not return to the world prior to 2019, but to a new state of things, where many changes are developing in real-time, and the world of office is no exception.

 But at the moment, by the second half of June, all the major financial system, the core of the activity of the city, is expected to be working presently, and with it, all the services sector is expected to join, too.

In the search for balance between the need for cooperation and communication, and the need for privacy and safety, there are current office trends that will fade, while others will surprisingly rise. If you are willing to engage in a full renovation in NY, you don’t want to miss these trends. In Manhattan Office Design we will come along with you all the way. Let’s take a look.

Trend 1: Resimercial Style

The rise of the WFH revolution,  and its long-term perspective,  led us to a redefinition of furniture style within the office. The full professional space of plexiglass, fiber, and metal is giving some room to a more eclectic aesthetic, where plants, wood, and warmer details are welcomed. In a Resimercial Style, ergonomics and efficiency are not forgotten, but the sense of a colorful, natural place is desired, which is a real challenge for Interior Designers.

Trend 2: The Zoom Culture

One of the outstanding trends that emerged by the Covid 19 pandemic is the popularity of video meetings. Whether with Zoom, Skype, Google Meetings, or any app, this is a new element that is now a permanent fact: work teams have Present members and Remote members. This reality takes us to consider alternative ways to hold a meeting: A regular crash meeting around some popular teammate workstation may not work. Besides, there are some requirements of availability of energy, internet, acoustic conveniences, and privacy needs to make sure everyone is attending effectively.

The popular practice now in work meetings of alternating one seat for a present member and one seat for a remote member (with a monitor), is a great sample of what is now working in a modern office: Virtuality and social distance in just one act.

Trend 3:  Redesigning the office layout

As a direct consequence of all these new sceneries, is evident that the standard layout of an open office is not enough, and some changes are unavoidable. There are some interesting innovations to watch out for.

The Hot Desk and the fade of personal workstations. 

There is increasing evidence in favor of using “no-name” workstations, and offering standard places for anyone who gets there, looking for better management of your office space, and a healthier workspace. It is known that anonymous workstations are kept cleaner than private ones, and even some medical researchers find that the toxic level in personal workstations may be pretty high.

Office Phone Booths or Phone Pods

While workstations are now more distanced and isolated providing safety and privacy to their users,  the requirement of meetings or phone group calls is always present in the office. To help you with these requirements, the installment of Office Phone Booth is a recurrent trend.

Pods are personal cubicles, provided just with the essential furniture: A chair, a desk, power and internet access, and a skylight.  To ensure that sense of silence and isolation, the walls are soundproofed, but with glass windows, so you don’t have to feel claustrophobic in a reduced cell.  The Office Phone Booth helps you to hold meetings when acoustic requirements are significative, or when privacy is really appreciated.

Station Distance

Just as it happens in the street, the six feet of separation are in the office.  A more distanced, isolated workstation is present and some privacy features are going to be common, any time soon.  Wall separators, inflatable walls, and of course plexiglass panels, will provide that level of security for the employee. Ask us in Manhattan Office Design about the great alternatives in paneling that HON Furniture has for you.

Offices with assigned seating, desks have been proven to be dirtier than many toilets. That’s because cleaning crews are typically instructed not to touch anything on a person’s desk. But in unassigned environments with a clean desk policy, the desks can actually be cleaned every night and are more sanitary.

Hygiene and safety

One obvious field of action when it comes to the new office in 2021 has to do with hygiene and cleaning conditions around our workspaces. To make it easier for employees to maintain proper hygiene, especially when it comes to washing and sanitizing their hands, is definitely a must. Additional sinks in kitchens and break rooms, just as the availability of hand sanitizers all over the place.

So, there are some things to think of, right? but don’t worry. If you are about to start your office renovation in NY, you have the perfect partner, Manhattan Office Design, to help you through the way. Trust in Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer for office solutions, with the best brands in the market, at really affordable prices. Why don’t you give us a call?

NYC Has the Best Choice in Office Furniture Design

If your business is located in NYC, you are now preparing to enter a new phase of normality. Business is back, and you have no time to lose, so you need to know very well who are your partners. Manhattan Office Design is your reliable source for designed office furniture and is ready to help you and create an office space that works for you.

Are we seeing a returning to normality or entering in a new era?

There are a little bit of both elements now. You can say that you are about to return to some normality, since your office is going to be open soon and at least a minimal team will be using it, but  things aren’t going to be the same as before. Social distancing and the Working From Home (WFH) revolution, will reshape your office and you need to be prepared.

A total renovation? Privacy and safety concerns? Don’t worry. For your office furniture design in NY, each need have a specific solution to help you to maximize your resources.

Reliable Office Procurement

In Manhattan Office Design we are ready to provide you with the best furniture classics for a fully functional and modern work environment. That’s why we are associated with the best brands. Workstations, Paneling, Desks and of course the classic office chairs are our strength and we can beat any offer in the market with our star brands:

HON Furniture:

HON Furniture, a classic and reliable line, with its line of workstations Empower, for efficient power and cable management; Ignition, a very popular collection of office chairs with a remarkable ergonomic approach, and Preside, the dynamic collection of desks and meeting solutions for collaborative teams.

AIS Furniture:

Warm and sophisticated, AIS Furniture offers its lines Divi to create great workstations with functionality and simplicity, Natick, a charming and carefully designed chair collection with countless features; and Oxygen, the line for collaborative spaces with multiple possibilities for any arrangement.

Humanscale Furniture:

The top name in Ergonomic high-level design chairs and devices, with Humanscale Furniture you have the ultimate design solutions at the reach of your hand for a high-performance workday, with the worldwide famous Freedom Chair, and with productivity tools like the Monitor Arms, the Floating Desk, and the Humanscale QuickStand.

Manhattan Office Design: Experience and efficiency in services for your office

But you know very well that procurement services are only a part of the process when it comes to office furniture.  A thoughtful process of installation and adjustment is as necessary as the procure itself. A site survey and a well-designed installation project will provide you with a functional and reliable work environment for the years to come. Manhattan Office Design has the experience and the qualified team to settle your purchase in an efficient, professional way.  Our Delivery and Installation Services and our On-Site Consultation services are designed to take you off of any worry.

If you are looking for office furniture design in NY, trust Manhattan Office Design to create a work environment that works for you. Contact us and come to our Showroom to get in touch with a world of endless possibilities.

The Post Covid Office

This mid-June of 2021 may be the returning point to new normality in America’s economy.  Big companies based in NYC expect to return to full operations, and office buildings will be for the first occasion in a long time, at full capacity.

But only this time some water has passed under the bridge, and things will not be the same. Privacy, safety, and social distance are elements that are reshaping the current layout of the modern office, and some are even afraid of the disappearance of the open concept. So, if you are based on the Big Apple, there is a good probability that you will be looking for office furniture in NY.

The End of the Open Concept?

There are some significant learning products of the pandemic period. Let’s see:

Social Distance

If this now omnipresent rule is widespread in the street, don’t expect it doesn’t happen within your office. Keep your workstation at six feet distance from each other (six feet is nearly two shopping cars aligned together, facing each other), and you’ll be cutting the way for Covid (or another virus), to spread around your space. As a related matter, it’s recommended, too, to avoid sit people facing each other, and this way to prevent the risk associated with sneezing.

 Panels, materials, and workstations

What to do? What is convenient for your business? Here we can take a look at some worthy choices currently in the last trends.

Besides the right distance between workstations, the very idea of this place is under review.  A good workstation, like Empower, by HON Furniture, has resources to provide you privacy without hiding you at your desk. With plexiglass, or polymers, there are great alternatives to create safer, but transparent stations to promote cooperation without compromise your health. 

New Spaces and Innovations

 The wall just inflate out

Of course, there is always space for innovations in Office Design. This is the case of the inflatable walls, a creative way to divide spaces with a solid, but portable element, and it’s implemented by Google.

Outdoor solutions

It is a well-known fact that outdoor spaces make it hard for viruses to spread, so thinking in outdoor spaces is not a bad idea at all. Open-air tents with wood tables and chairs are a very tempting offer for work teams filled with nature lovers (although this alternative is maybe not very suitable for the city of New York).

Office Phone Booths

Office Phone Booths are personal cubicles, provided just with the essential furniture: A chair, a desk, power and internet access, and a skylight.  To ensure that sense of silence and isolation, the walls are soundproofed, but with glass windows, so you don’t have to feel claustrophobic in a reduced cell.  Office Phone Pods, as they are called too, may have elegant designs, and they certainly can give your office some Modern vibe. In the case of the techno giant of Silicon Valley, the  Team Pods contain chairs, desks, whiteboards, and storage units on casters that can be “wheeled into various arrangements, and in some cases rearranged in a matter of hours”

As we can see, the future of the Post Covid Office is quite experimental at this point. Some trends will rise and establish, while others may fade and disappear. Nevertheless, a new eclectic concept looks like the one for the times to come. In Manhattan Office Design we can guide you along the way with only quality options at very affordable prices. 

Looking for Global Furniture in NY?

Back to the new normal, your business must be ready for a new beginning, and everything counts. If you are looking for Global Furniture in NY, Manhattan Office Design have for you the best selection of these trustable brand, with its storage collection, Princeton.

The Princeton collection by Global Furniture Group has multiple alternatives to attend to your needs of workspace and storage, to work in high-performance workstations.  

In Manhattan Office Design you can find the Princeton collection by Global Furniture Group.

Beyond its popular collection of desks, the Princeton collection has a wide range of solutions to enhance your productivity and improve wellbeing in your workplace. With its sets of Desks, Credenzas, Pedestals, Cabinets, there are endless possibilities to design a workplace suited for your needs. Better desks, more convenient storage, and more ergonomic workstations at affordable prices are part of the benefits that Princeton can bring to your office.

What products have the Princeton collection for my workspace?.

The desks are one of the most popular products of Princeton, and without a doubt one of the main offers of this collection, due to the functionality of its design, clean-cut lines, and quality, endurable materials. Let’s take a look at some of its models.

Worksurface panels of laminated and metal end. When you need to get the most of your space, the work surface panels are the best choice. Capable of being attached on any surface, the panels have laminated or metal ends, with several storage facilities, like boxes, files, and shelves.  

There are multiple possibilities to make customized spaces with the Princeton panels. You can choose from freestanding desks with laminated ends; Desks with metal legs and endless combinations with storage facilities of these elements.


Designed to get the most of the space in your workstation, the credenzas of this collection have several features. The single credenza it’s the classical solution with two drawers. It’s expandable to double, with four drawers. They can be open too, with 4 shelves and no drawers. The Pull out model allows you to enlarge your surface due to its retractile mechanism. The sliding laminated doors may provide an elegant way to save space and keep your things private.

Pedestals. A classic furniture piece in every office, with its distinctive features, you can count on one solution for your specific need, in the family of pedestals of the Princeton collection. Whether you need boxes (big drawers); files (design to save different documents); or shelves (empty spaces of easy access). You can combine these features in every way you need and Princeton will have a model for you. 

Desktop and overhead storage. Combining beauty and versatility, this solution, whether for overhead or desktop, is made to maximize the storage space of your workstation without losing design or wellbeing.

Storage cabinets. With heights of 55” and 66”, these cabinets have the maximal versatility when it comes to storage, offering open towers, door towers, drawer_shelve towers, and recycling drawers. Storage Cabinets are one fine and elegant solution that get the most of your space, using your own desk and panels.

When you combine the model of pedestal, credenza, or storage solution you need, with the rest of the facilities that Princeton has for you, the possibilities are multiple, and there is one that will surely satisfy your requirement completely. 

If you want to give your team the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and smart way of work, in Manhattan Office Design, you will find this collection for a very affordable price. Or you can visit us in our Global Furniture Group Showroom.