Why should your office have such an efficient resource as the Bridges II collection from Global Furniture Group? One of the main reasons is the advantage of allowing you to use multi-person space in an area of modest proportions. Besides, its bench design is one of the most convenient modern solutions for any work environment. The desks in this collection are versatile, intuitive, and highly flexible, allowing you to perform a custom installation tailored to your business requirements without spending an exorbitant budget. The basic structure of this resource is based on linear assemblies and an expanded toolbox that offers multiple solutions.

Imagine an environment where teamwork, meetings, discussions, and talks are regular, everyday exercise. The variety of configurations, finishes, and characteristics of this collection allow you to adapt it to the rhythm, style, and intensity of your work. In fact, this also greatly favors the aesthetics and identity of your company, allowing you to configure a layout according to your personality and decor style. Also, the desks support glass or laminate partitions with built-in accessory rails, mobile device power support, and modular ability to divide individual members’ stations.

Bringes II Benching
Source: Global Furniture Group