Any office design specialist knows very well that the way a workspace is configured will directly influence employee performance. This is a fact that not only has to do with the functional aspects, but also aesthetics, and in this sense, Bridges II bench systems offer very versatile solutions for each area, depending on the type of work that needs to be done and how designers chose to take advantage of the architectural properties of a place, without sacrificing the sophisticated, practical, and minimalist style adapted to modern trends.

In corporate settings where teamwork is frequent, the configuration of the space must be arranged to facilitate the tasks to be carried out as much as possible. Not all physical resources can be reconfigured over and over again depending on the tasks to be performed. Brainstorming, quick meetings, interaction, and workflow between the different members of a team become more comfortable when one physical support like this makes your job easier. Features such as standard leg on storage and seating, glass screens, ET felt divider, tackable PET felt, and even a whiteboard are just some of the characteristics for which these benching systems are very convenient. Promote efficient and comfortable teamwork with Bridges II from Global Furniture Group in your company!

Briges II Benching
Source: Global Furniture Group