If you are looking to building a new office space or an office renovation in NY, then choosing the right contractor may be the most valuable decision.

Space planning in NYC is in high demand now. Post Covid19 adjustments, renovations,  growing requests, all is coming of sudden after a long halt period. But Manhattan Office Design has the tools and expertise to help you.

What kind of office do you need?

Covid19 and lockdown rules may have affected your office environment. Maybe you need a slight adjustment or a whole renovation. These three types of 2021 offices will help you to make an idea

Traditional Office.

Maybe you have a small or a very stable work team with few limitations in the commute that will be back again at the office without major trouble. And of course, for some businesses your presence at the office is mandatory. For these cases, to incentive the return to the office may request some updates in layout and design, giving it a warmer, homelike touch. With homelike foyers and the introduction of plants, natural light, and certain décor elements, you can bring back the confidence and a comfortable feeling to motivate your team.

Hybrid Office.

According to recent research, in Australia, a country that has passed almost all the steps through a full reopening, there was an estimate of 8 desks per employee before the pandemic, while now It is reduced to 5 desks per employee. This reduction leads us to the concept of an office as an encounter place were full-time and remote workers gather to collaborate. Hotspots, workstations without an assigned employee, are some of the alternatives. Hotspots are complemented with Office Phone Booths, mobile full connected isolated spaces that allow you to make private calls or quick meetings without disturbances both for meeting assistants and the rest of the employees. Office Phone booths may have the most diverse designs, for single or several people, and can be relocated without major inconveniences

100% Remote.

Some firms can do it, and some are trying it now. In Australia, Atlassian, a giant software firm just adopted a 100% remote scheme, only requesting that employees be present 4 times in the year. Of course, going to a scheme like this is highly challenging for any company. When it comes to office design, a very common practice for many companies, is to give an allowance to its employees for the purchase of the basic elements of a working for home furniture kit.

You are the one to decide where your office needs to be directed, but Manhattan Office Design will come along with you along the way with expertise and tools to make it successfully.

With a strong track record from 2005, of satisfied clients in different areas, in Manhattan Office Design we are at the top of the trends of office Design in NY. This strong track record drives us to deliver great end products in a very reasonable time, and within budget.

We are located at the heart of Manhattan, so you can come to visit us in the heart of the city at 325 W 38th St., very near to Times Square, and in Hudson Yards, and you will get an exact idea of what you want in your office renovation for your NY business. We are your convenient choice in NYC: Manhattan; Brooklyn; Queens, Bronx, and Long Island are our natural ground.

In Manhattan Office Design we know that high-quality service means options. We have the best alliances with the top brands in the market of office furniture in NY: Humanscale Furniture; HON Furniture; AIS, just to name a few, are available with all its range of lines and products.

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