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Office Furniture

Many employers don’t consider the fact that their workforce is the best-suited decision-maker when it comes to furniture. Of course, they don’t know a lot of things about company budgets or policies, but they can help themselves by helping you if you give them a set of options and guidelines before refurnishing.

Everybody’s talking about how ergonomics and furniture affect the workplace. There’s no hiding it. If you get the best furniture from the best modern furniture retailers productivity is going to soar, and that will have a beneficial impact in the overall ROI of the company.

Should I get my employees involved in the furnishing process?

Office Furniture

The best first thing you can do is run a survey.

A small Google Forms email survey where you ask your employees a maximum of 10 questions regarding their current experiences with office furniture and (very important)

mobility and space across the workplace.

Here are 5 example questions you can ask:

  1. Do you have any issues with your current office chair? Explain briefly
  2. Do you find it difficult to move around the office?
  3. What do you think should be changed around the office?
  4. Do you have any problems with your workstation?
  5. Do you find it easy to collaborate while working?

Of course, you would need somebody to do the work of reviewing and cataloging answers, and even though that can take some time, you should always consider the fact that the company will benefit from this in more ways that you can imagine.

If you want to speed up the process by asking yes-or-no questions, that’s also acceptable. However, you might lose valuable insight from the actual problems with the furniture and office mobility, and that might lead to a furnishing process that a lot of people won’t find satisfying.

What are the best office furniture retailers right now?

Office Furniture

Once you run your survey, be sure to also catalog all the employees that have medical conditions. Current labor guidelines and regulations might not require you to abide to their every wish, but they do require you to eliminate any possible workplace hazard for your employees. Besides, beware of potential lawsuits, this is something that will benefit everyone (yourself included), so don’t cut corners!

Companies like HON, Versteel, Humanscale, and HPFi are excellent places to start looking for furnishing solutions. You can also visit retailers like Manhattan Office Design, which offer furnishing services for offices via these brand names.

There’s a huge possibility that some of your employees are not feeling particularly great about their workstations, especially task chairs. The science of ergonomics is always evolving, and we’re just beginning to fund out that what we thought was comfortable can actually become bothersome.

If you, as a manager or supervisor, put together a solution that makes 80% of your employees happy, that will open a lot of doors for yourself and for them, in the future.