If you are in the middle of an office renovation in NYC, you will have to buy some office furniture.  Choosing furniture for your business is a crucial decision that will surely impact not only your performance at work for years, but the whole well-being of your team, and your corporate image, so it’s crucial to get the most of this kind of procurement. In Manhattan Office Design we are ready to help along this process with the best customer service, the best brands in office furniture, and ergonomic office tools for a healthy workday.  Nevertheless, there are some basic steps highly recommended to minimize mistakes and guarantee satisfactory purchasing.

First Step. Know Your needs.

This is particularly crucial in the case of office furniture. You are buying office furniture for a business operation, so you have no budget to lose. Your investment must satisfy your needs, and no your dealer’s request form. Why are you buying furniture? Are you investing in your head office? Customer service office? What about the reception lobby? Are you looking for seats or whole workstations? Do you want to improve the ergonomic settings of your team and boost productivity?. This is a step where the basic questions are made. It is convenient to have the guidance of an experienced professional to help you define your first priorities. You can count on the experienced advice from Manhattan Office Design from here, to guarantee a successful purchase.

Second Step. Choose Your Style.

Offices, just like homes, have style trends. Colorful and energetic? Sober and calm?  If you are looking for office furniture design in NYC, don’t miss that the Big Apple is the quintessential home of Mid Century Modern style. This is something that reflects both home interior design and office interior design. Minimalism and little ornament, Clean cut lines, solid bold choices of color, stainless steel and wood, are some of the features of this trend. But you must look out for yourself and see what makes you and your team happy and comfortable.

Third Step. Consider Your Brand.

Deeply related to the prior step. Do you have a legal services office? A two-story bakery with a second floor for administrative tasks and logistic departments? A colorful, dynamic office set up will go sweet with the bakery, while a sober, classic leather furniture reception chairs may serve well to the legal services office.

What’s the spirit of your brand? Maybe your brand is an established one, with many years of success, or it’s evolving to adapt to a new corporate image. This is something worthy to consider prior to the furniture purchase. In Manhattan Office Design we have the best brands in the market to match with your corporate image: From a dynamic, colorful everyday collection like AIS Natick by  AIS Furniture, to classic presentations for sober spaces, like HON Ignition, by HON Furniture. There is always a great collection that fits in your business space to create a harmonious place.

Fourth Step. Measure.

Never purchase furniture without measure it. It is important to measure not only the new items to buy (height, length, wide) but the entire surrounding: Your room dimensions and entry. Measure your space and furniture will avoid lots of headaches later on.

Fifth Step. Set a Budget and a Timeline.

Now that you know what do you need, and how do you want it, you can talk about buying it. Is important to set a budget line and a timeline. This will help you to make some decisions and go forward. A budget restriction will make you reconsider your items and assign priorities. This is complemented when you add a dateline.

Sixth Step. Purchase.

The purchasing itself is an important step when you acquire furniture.  You may find significant differences between dealers not only in prices but in delivery conditions, online customer support, and consulting.

In Manhattan Office Design we’ll provide you with experienced consulting resources that may help you during all the purchase process, from selecting the right items, to guarantee that there is a  right match between your space (dimensions, air supply, light sources, and corporate image) and your office items.

Other key elements to consider when you make an office purchase are: price and financing, estimated time of delivery, and a friendly online interface to provide a good buying experience.

If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer for office solutions, with the best brands in the market, like AIS Furniture and HON Furniture, at really affordable prices.