HON Abound Workstations are quick to install, easy to reconfigure to fit any workspace, and they support a wide range of material options for a stunning office design aesthetic. These are just a few of the benefits of these pieces of HON Office Furniture. Read this article to learn more or better yet, contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

Hon Abound Workstation Manhattan Office Design NYC

From reception areas and open-plan offices to collaborative spaces and private booths, HON Abound Workstations feature a full line of HON Office furniture components, several mixed materials, tiles and finishes available that complement any existing office design and create a consistent look for your workspace.

With HON Abound Workstations is really easy (and affordable) to create a unique workspace. You’ll have a wide array of components that are easy to reconfigure to better adapt to your needs, as well as several materials and finishes available to match your office design look. This makes any other office furniture installation and reconfiguration seems like child’s play.

We’re a long-time fan of HON Office Furniture. When it comes to delivering durable and flexible workspaces, no other company can deliver like HON, and HON Abound Workstations are a great example of how their products help us create in our work of several office space designs and help workplaces reach their maximum potential.

Hassle-Free Installation

HON Office Furniture

HONestly (get it?) there’s no better way to describe how simple it is to install and reconfigure HON Abound Workstations. We’ve worked with several companies in need to move in a short time and HON Abound is perfect for companies that go under frequent changes and moves in a snap. They even made power management a breeze to lay-in and switch up as needed.

Designed with durability and flexibility in mind, HON Abound’s strongest feature is their tiles that you can easily switch out to create different looks based on your office design or to serve more functional goals. These tiles can be placed in interchangeable positions up and down a panel frame that can have several uses, depending on your needs.

HON Office Furniture

These HON Abound tile options support every kind of office design aesthetic to better reflect the distinctive character of your company. These include:

  • Fabric: Perfect for private areas, tackable and acoustical, powered or not.
  • Frosted Glass: Perfect to let some light into the work area while maintaining privacy.
  • Clear Glass: Let natural light and views in.
  • Slotted Tool: Metal accessories can be painted to coordinate with panels.
  • Markerboard: Your more creative employees will love this.
  • Hard-Surface: Easily wipe clean in high-traffic areas, or add the warmth of wood grain.
  • Frameless Glass Tile: Provide access to natural light while creating clear sightlines.
  • Gallery Panels: Offers a sleek and modern approach to space division.
HON Office Furniture

HON Abound Workstations Top Features

  • Every component is designed with the other in mind, allowing the entire collection to work together seamlessly to maximize planning options
  • Metal panel trim, frames, and connections give HON Abound superior strength. The solid structural integrity, high-quality materials, and superior construction are designed to withstand reconfiguration
  • Panels stack up to 110″ high, for practically unlimited expansion
  • Tiles and glass are easy to switch out to achieve different aesthetics or functional goals
  • Universal connectors and non-dedicated tiles make Abound easy to install
  • Standard base rail frames or Open Base/Footed design
  • 120° Connectors and worksurface options put everything within reach supporting a more efficient workspace
  • Position power and data outlets at the desktop, panel base, or both.
  • Lay-in capabilities electrical and data in the base rail or data in the top channel.
  • Backed by HON’s Full Lifetime Warrant

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