Conferences and meetings at work are very important, but so it is your comfort while sitting there for many hours. A chair like Krug Furniture Dorso-E office chair could be the solution for you. These conference office chairs NY should be paying special attention not only to looks, but comfort for anybody who decides to sit on them during important meetings. This type of office design NY offers in one single chair a whole new level of comfort and support, maintaining or even increasing your concentration during these essential reunions with clients or supervisors. 

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable during long and busy meetings throughout the day and want to do some office renovation NY to your interiors, the Krug Furniture Dorso-E conference chair might be the perfect addition for your interiors. We promise you that your employees and your back will thank you for this smart purchase. 

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Which Features Make This Dorso-E Chair So Special?

With one of the world’s most advanced concepts for designer office furniture NYC on chairs, this Krug Furniture Dorso-E conference chair will allow you exceptional comfort during the day with an extremely modern chair design, combining simplicity with elegance in one piece. Krug Furniture Dorso-E offers comfort due to its curvaceous cushioning in the seat and back to provide a whole new sitting experience for you (whether it is for a short meeting or an extensive full time work on your desk). Either way, you’ll get an office design NY chair with the comfort and style you need, being the perfect addition to your office interiors and the ideal solution to make those back pains disappear completely. This Krug Furniture chair also has a high back tension control with height adjustment range of 11 positions over a 2 inch range of movement, making it easy to fit your body and needs. Get your office renovation NY done with this Krug Furniture Dorso-E Chair to complete your workspace transformation.  

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