According to almost every scientific research, sitting properly is a sine qua non-requirement to avoid the risks associated with prolonged sitting. Humanscale Monitor Arms is a very good tool to help us to sustain our habits.
As we can see in this excellent report of The Guardian, sitting in an ergonomic chair is not enough to guarantee a proper workday. Prolonged sitting makes you slide and change your posture from time to time, due to fatigue and boredom. So, keep in mind that besides your ergonomic support, you must be capable of:

  1. Keep the same position for your body (feet, thighs, arms, eye-line, chin).
  2. Alternate sit/down lapses. Better with 45 minutes intervals.

Humanscale has two wonderful tools to help us in this vital quest. Humanscale Monitor Arms and Humanscale Quickstand. Let’s talk about Humanscale Monitor Arms. This wonderful tool serves very well the purpose of sustaining a proper point of view.

Monitor Arms is a mechanical arms system to manage your monitor (One or two), thanks to its Weight-compensator Mechanism and Self-Lubricating Precision Bearings, which allows you to easily cut the clutter, and adjust your monitor and workstations to the optimal position for your eye.

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