Are you working in a New York Office Interior Design project in your near future?

Are you opening a new office in New York or renovating your current workspace?

We have collected important considerations you must take so your project is successful. It all comes down to personality, privacy, diversity, and ergonomics,

Open and Private Workspaces

There’s in New York a tendency towards collaborative open workplaces. Places in which colleagues can work together with efficiency and ease. All in a natural and smooth way, while leaving a small footprint.

But research has shown that open offices endanger productivity without proper support. While extroverts thrive in noisy workplaces introverts need a quiet place to focus. An open office is full of conversations, phones ringing, notifications. These distractions make it difficult for your introvert employees to finish their tasks.

Consider how to design a workplace for both introverts and extroverts. Offer small private offices where people can hide away for a little privacy while they work. Your introvert end-users will be able to escape distractions and work efficiently.

Different Environments

Another trend we see in New York Office interior design projects: unassigned spaces. “Offices” not assigned to any employee in particular, and furnished with different furniture. Ideally, to support several various working activities.

What does that mean? Imagine a lounge room with a smartboard for teamwork or a private breakout room for deep focus. Empower end-users to work in an area that adapts to their needs and tasks. Our manufacturers provide innovative systems to do this..

Comfort and Ergonomics

When you’re working on a New York office interior design project ask yourself:

Do end-users will prevent eye strain, carpal tunnel or back pain comfortably? You wouldn’t believe how many offices in New York don’t provide them.

There are several approaches to ergonomics you can take in your project. Ideally, everyone has an adjustable task chair and a standing desk, a keyboard tray, a monitor arm, and a task light. But let’s be real, sometimes we are working on a limited budget.

In that case, you take one step at a time. One of our manufacturers, Humanscale is an industry leader in ergonomics. Their solutions for Offices in Manhattan are our go-to choices. If the budget is still on your mind, think of these as investments that will pay for themselves in the future. Healthy end-users are less likely to call in sick due to physical ailments. They will also be more productive when they’re not suffering from any aches, pains or strains.

Are you planning a New York Office Interior Design project? We can help. Contact us and we’ll create a healthier, happier office together.

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