When you are about to buy a chair and a desk, there are some minimal requirements to keep in mind, and AIS Natick is willing to help you to make the best decision.
First, think about your chair first. It’s your priority. You will be seated in it a long part of the day, so it’s better if you do it in an ergonomic chair, to minimize the risks associated with prolonged sitting. Look for a chair with, at least, height swivel control, back support, and rest for arms. With this element in your hand, you are capable to look for a good desk.
Try to get a desk adapted to your needs. Take these factors into consideration: An average desk will have 5.9 “, so, unless you are a tall person, try to get that height or a little less. beyond that, you will need your desk have a clean cut surface and some storage space, according to your requirements.
And finally, you should procure using the height control of your office chair, to pair the height of your arms rest with the height of your desk.
AIS offers a good collection of office chairs with all the minimal requirements and more, like height swivel control. back support and arms rest. Manhattan Office Design has the best selection of the AIS Natick Office Chair catalog, which has a great variety of colors and patterns, to make of your place more productive and cozy.