HON Ignition

HON Ignition is the latest seating collection of office chairs that combine the customized look and warmth of fully upholstered chairs in a beautifully modern aesthetic while keeping all the ergonomic benefits of the HON Ignition Chairs!

Adjustable Lumbar Support

The HON Ignition chair comes with adjustable lumbar support which you can expect to move based on your height to better adjust to your body and needs.

Quick-Adjustable Back Seat

The back of the HON Ignition 2.0 Office Chair has an adjustable back that can move ​to six different vertical positions for additional support. As a result, the chair can accommodate a wide range of heights.

Ilira-Stretch Mesh

The HON Ignition 2.0 Series features an Ilira-Stretch Mesh to replace the standard high-density polyester mesh of the original models. This material is softer, more durable, and has a tighter range of flexibility.

Ilira-Stretch Mesh is a woven material that has unique 4-way stretch properties which unlike other types of mesh, it doesn’t lose its tension over time.

Seat Control Options

The seat cushion of the HON Ignition Mid-Back Chair features a gliding mechanic that allows it to move forward and backward before locking into any position you desire. The HON Ignition Chair features a waterfall design on the seat pad also encourages circulation in the legs while resting on the chair.

Adjustable Armrests

The HON Ignition Chair features adjustable armrests that allow you to position your arms in an ergonomically-friendly position for long periods of time working comfortably. The width of the arms can also be adjusted for a wider space.

Synchro-Tilt and Lock

The HON Ignition Chair features an advanced synchro-tilt and lock mechanism that gives you complete control over the HON Ignition chair’s position and reclining angle. The back of the chair reclines at a 2:1 ratio to the seat angle. The entire chair pivots according to a point at the front.