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Lack of collaboration in the workplace can be tremendously detrimental for your company. With employees quoting lack of collaboration for workplace failures, it is partly the responsibility of top executives to acknowledge it as a crucial factor to address. It’s a smart goal, since companies that inspire employees to work collaboratively often see better results.

While it’s easy to talk about inspiring collaboration, making it happen demands three things: a clear understanding of your employee workflows, an actionable plan, and the right environment to inspire collaboration.

It’s important to look at the ways that your workplace is not collaborating. This could go from problems with project management to iterative work in different departments.

Understanding the specific collaboration problems that affect your company will help you identify what needs to be solved and how each possible solution might help.

Once you’ve understood what needs to be fixed and how, it’s time to set up a plan of action. As part of a roll-out of a new collaborative approach, it’s essential to have a plan to ensure meaningful use.

Common Pitfalls Inspiring Collaboration

A common problem holding back collaboration in the workplace is lack of engagement with the environment. If you fail to plan for user adoption, your new office furniture may just sit there gathering dust and the increase in collaboration you wanted may never happen.

Many companies find it helpful to rely on professionals to help with this process. Although top executives and managers know their organization’s own needs, they may not always know the best practices for increasing office furniture user adoption and creating collaborative workplaces.

That’s where our services come in. We’ve partnered with OFGO, one of our manufacturers, to guide many companies in New York toward a more collaborative workspaces with Collaborative Solutions like OFGO Modular Furniture. We understand the common drawbacks that companies trying to inspire collaboration have trouble with.

Fostering Effective Use of Furniture to Inspire Collaboration

Choosing the right modular furniture can mean the difference between increased collaboration and wasted money. Modern companies need to choose a collaborative environment that fits well within their company culture and serves their unique needs.

A huge hindrance to effective collaboration in the workplace is an entrenched office designed. Some offices are so that is so divided that it restricts employees and even whole departments from working together. In some companies, members of the same team are even walled off from each other. How can you inspire collaboration like this?

Companies should ensure their culture inspires and encourages breaking down any impediments to collaboration. An office design of inclusiveness and sharing can help set a company on the path to greater collaboration. As more information flows from managers to employees and between them, employees begin to feel more connected to the company. This creates a workplace environment where sharing and collaboration feels naturally. This can be achieved through the effective use of Modular Furniture.

OFGO Modular Furniture that Inspires Collaboration

Here’s our curated selection of OFGO Office Furniture Collection with proven history in creating high performance workplaces and environments that inspire collaboration.

OFGO Modular Furniture: Vibe Collection

Easily adaptable to suit the needs of any workplace environment, the OFGO Vibe Collection of Modular and Collaborative Furniture features a wide number of shapes and sizes in an infinite range of interchangeable combinations.

Our favorite feature of the OFGO Vibe Collection is the ottomans that can be used as whether as stand-alone pieces or can be connected together to create entertaining and versatile modular seating clusters.

OFGO Vibe Collection is also a broad collection of collaborative seating solutions ideal for any office looking to create a collaborative environment that’s different from the rest and inspire out-of-the-box thinking. Ottomans and stools, such as these can serve a double purpose as seating or desks in different sorts of rooms. The modularity of the OFGO Vibe Collection means they can be arranged in multiple configurations and easily rearranged depending on needs.

Like all high-quality office furniture, the OFGO Vibe Collection has a GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification and GREENGUARD Gold Certified which means it meets all the requirements for low-emitting materials LEED credit 4.5 (systems furniture and seating).

Other features include:

  • Black floor glides.
  • Optional casters.
  • Interlocking plywood jigsaw construction and stud construction.
  • Reinforced joints for maximum stability.
  • Seat foam is high resiliency 2.5 lb. per cubic ft. density CFC-free.
  • Fire retardant foam that meets CAL 117 requirements.
  • Some OFGO Modular Vibe Units come with a TFL top.
  • These TFL tops are standard in all OFGO thermofused finish selections.
  • Each piece is built with environmentally friendly preferred products (EPP).

Here are some ideas of what you can achieve with the OFGO Vibe Collection of Modular Furniture:

OFGO Modular Furniture: Invite Collection

The OFGO Invite Collection is another collaborative modular collection that easily adapts to create a style compatible solution and create a consistent look throughout any office.

The OFGO Invite is a versatile collection, perfectly suited to a variety of modern environments, such as lounge and waiting rooms as well as functional meeting spaces. The OFGO Invite Collection is ideal to get-together in casual and collaborative environments.

Our favorite feature? The OFGO Invite Collection are available with optional power and USB modules, so they’re perfect for long sessions of work without the need to hunt for an outlet to recharge your devices.

OFGO Modular furniture solutions empower companies to offer a greater variety of working environments that lead to collaboration and can be tailored to individual needs and preferences.

The mobility and flexibility of modular furniture ike the OFGO Invite Collection also facilitates the evolving nature of companies as they expand, downsize, move spaces or adapt to the needs of the workforce. Unlike traditional office furniture, the OFGO Modular Furniture solutions are portable, scalable and easily reconfigurable.

Other features include:

  • Frames built with interlocking plywood puzzle construction.
  • Reinforced Joints for maximum stability.
  • High resiliency CFC-free polyurethane foam.
  • Fire retardant foam meets CAL 117 requirements.
  • Front edge of the seat angles slightly inward, for optimal seating comfort.
  • Seating units equipped with power/USB modules.
  • Power/USB modules can be set on the Front, Left or Right side.
  • Black adjustable floor glides.
  • Manufactured with environmentally friendly preferred products (EPP).
  • Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified.

Here are some ideas of what you can achieve with the OFGO Invite Collection:

OFGO Modular Furniture: Unify Collection

The OFGO Unify Collection is made with with simplicity. Each modular unit has a simple form, easily combining to form a harmonious whole. Their aesthetic appearance makes them a very functional modular office furniture.

The OFGO Unify Collections features several collaborative units that can be used together to create a wide variety of layouts, each made of high quality materials. The OFGO Unify Collection offers your company the flexibility to move and rearrange units as you see fit. This is a great way to maximize the functionality of your office design layout as you motivate end-users to work collaborative in a new environment.

Other features include:

  • Lounge Units available in 3 standard heights: 32.5″, 47″ and 53″
  • Fixed and non-removable cushions.
  • Decorative stitch detail in all perimeter seams for extra seam strength.
  • Heavy duty seating frames with interlocking plywood puzzle construction.
  • Joints reinforce each other for maximum stability.
  • High resiliency CFC-free polyurethane foam.
  • Fire retardant foam meets CAL 117 requirements.
  • Upholstered in any standard OFGO textile or approved COM textile.
  • Optionally equipped with power/USB modules (2 power outlets, and 1 double USB terminal)
  • Power/ USB modules are standard with a silver finish faceplate

Here are some ideas of what you can achieve with the OFGO Unify Collection:

Besides being one of the most effective ways to inspire collaboration between a company’s team members, the advantages of using OFGO Modular Furniture are almost too many to count: versatility, possibility of growth, savings through standardization, personalization, space optimization, rising productivity.

As you see, choosing OFGO Modular Furniture for your workplace has important advantages. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and we’ll make it easy for you at a fraction of the cost.