We are living in a time of change. But change itself is not bad news. In times of change, opportunities come across, and you have to be ready to take it.

In these times of uncertainly, to keep the best environment in your office is a must. Privacy, teamwork and safety are requirements that can be reached with balance and efficiency. That’s why AIS Oxygen is here. 

AIS Oxygen. The line of bench workstations of AIS.
AIS Oxygen

Oxygen is the line of AIS for bench workstations. With a variety of materials and textures, the AIS Oxygen workstation meets all the requirements in connectivity, aesthetics, storage and work surface, to provide the best experience for your team. Work comfortably and stay connected in a team effort, but keeping your privacy. 
The AIS Oxygen bench system provides unparalleled aesthetic and functional flexibility for customers that aspire for a modern, open workplace environment.
Simple to install in the field, Oxygen saves time and money. This is one investment that is going to be rewarded in enthusiasm and synergy.
Get the best experience for your teamwork with AIS Oxygen in Manhattan Office Design.