Safco Office Furniture

Safco's heritage began in 1939, manufacturing drafting tables as the Engineering Supply Company. Today, Safco is one of the leading mid-market contract furniture manufacturers in the U.S., offering a complete collection of office furniture, office desks,  office filing, office storage, and customized solutions.  


Safco's Office Furniture understands you have unique workplace needs, so every effort is made to optimize the environment to fit both your style and your space. Get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost, with Manhattan Office Design.

Top Products

Medina Series

Infusing a unique aesthetic into familiar office elements, Medina captures the spirit of Italian design that fills any space with incomparable creative energy, creating desks and workstations suitable for the modern office.

Even Series

The Even series at Safco looks at an office with its complexities and simplicities, offering solutions for each task and organization issues.

Napoli Series

Clean lines, "floating" desks, and generous use of glass and metal reflect the Italian sensibility behind Napoli. The Napoli series offers a multitude of decking and storage options to support any user. Napoli’s form is fresh and current, the function is thoughtful and sophisticated, and the overall effect is impressive.

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Manhattan Office Design takes away the guesswork from furnishing your workspace.


Whether you're a startup or a Fortune 500, we’re here to help you design an office that inspires great work.


From office space planning services to ergonomic furniture solutions, we can get your office up and running in no time.

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