Looking for an ergonomic office chair to ease back pain? Consider the Nightingale VXO 7280 Chair. This minimalist beauty provides users with maximum results. Improve bodily posture and health by choosing this model! As you can see, finding award-winning office furniture is easy thanks to Nightingale. VXO 7280 Chair by Nightingale has a contemporary design with ergonomic funcionalitis and exceptionally smart controls. 

This office masterpiece showcases a light-scale, simple design delivering dynamic support and remarkable comfort.

Nightingale VXO 7280

Top Features

  • Easily adjustable lumbar support for ergonomic back rapport and personalized comfort.
  • Swivel-tilt mechanism, pneumatic height adjustment and adjustable side tilt tension.
  • Height-adjustable arm with polyurethane arm pads enabling comfort. 
  • Five-prong heavy-duty base.
  • Fixed loop conference arms.
  • Non-see-through mesh back enables air to circulate for comfortable sitting in all types of environments. 
  • Backrest follows the movement of the user’s back with uninterrupted support, boosting both comfort and mobility when reaching sideways.
  • High high resiliency, high density foam for durability and comfort.
  • Waterfall design gets rid of pressure on the front of legs.
  • Waterfall design slopes away from the legs, while minimizing thigh pressure and promoting good posture.
  • More than 77% recyclable, with 40% less material and weight than other office chairs in the market.

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