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If your business is located in NYC, you are now preparing to enter a new phase of normality. Business is back, and you have no time to lose, so you need to know very well who are your partners. Manhattan Office Design is your reliable source for designed office furniture and is ready to help you and create an office space that works for you.

Are we seeing a returning to normality or entering in a new era?

There are a little bit of both elements now. You can say that you are about to return to some normality, since your office is going to be open soon and at least a minimal team will be using it, but  things aren’t going to be the same as before. Social distancing and the Working From Home (WFH) revolution, will reshape your office and you need to be prepared.

A total renovation? Privacy and safety concerns? Don’t worry. For your office furniture design in NY, each need have a specific solution to help you to maximize your resources.

Reliable Office Procurement

In Manhattan Office Design we are ready to provide you with the best furniture classics for a fully functional and modern work environment. That’s why we are associated with the best brands. Workstations, Paneling, Desks and of course the classic office chairs are our strength and we can beat any offer in the market with our star brands:

HON Furniture:

HON Furniture, a classic and reliable line, with its line of workstations Empower, for efficient power and cable management; Ignition, a very popular collection of office chairs with a remarkable ergonomic approach, and Preside, the dynamic collection of desks and meeting solutions for collaborative teams.

AIS Furniture:

Warm and sophisticated, AIS Furniture offers its lines Divi to create great workstations with functionality and simplicity, Natick, a charming and carefully designed chair collection with countless features; and Oxygen, the line for collaborative spaces with multiple possibilities for any arrangement.

Humanscale Furniture:

The top name in Ergonomic high-level design chairs and devices, with Humanscale Furniture you have the ultimate design solutions at the reach of your hand for a high-performance workday, with the worldwide famous Freedom Chair, and with productivity tools like the Monitor Arms, the Floating Desk, and the Humanscale QuickStand.

Manhattan Office Design: Experience and efficiency in services for your office

But you know very well that procurement services are only a part of the process when it comes to office furniture.  A thoughtful process of installation and adjustment is as necessary as the procure itself. A site survey and a well-designed installation project will provide you with a functional and reliable work environment for the years to come. Manhattan Office Design has the experience and the qualified team to settle your purchase in an efficient, professional way.  Our Delivery and Installation Services and our On-Site Consultation services are designed to take you off of any worry.

If you are looking for office furniture design in NY, trust Manhattan Office Design to create a work environment that works for you. Contact us and come to our Showroom to get in touch with a world of endless possibilities.