In today’s workplaces, we’re more aware of our individual features than ever. The ideal office is made up of a mix of collaborative areas, private areas, and leisure areas. This ensures that all tasks are carried out in a suitable environment and to everyone’s maximum advantage. Private work that needs silence and sustained focus is one of the hardest to fit in office settings: too much isolation and too much mingling are equally as unsuitable for this type of worker. To avoid both, individual work modules are a wonderful solution that creates a personal space. Let’s take a look at the individual spin-off to the Co-op Meeting Spaces collection: Arcadia’s Co-op Single Work Module. These individual work booths will help you achieve more and relate better to your workspace. Let us help you set up your office with the best lounge furniture and office furniture in NYC! Find us – just type in “office furniture near me.” You can also contact us or call 212.706.8509. We’ll also be happy to receive you in our Arcadia Showroom in NYC. We can beat any quote out there!

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A Personal Space to Feel Connected

Sometimes you just gotta counterbalance group activity and find a space for yourself among the hectic office flow of people and events. Co-op Single Work Module offers the privacy and quiet you’ll need for full focus. This stand-alone solution will make you feel at ease regardless of what’s going on around you at the office.

Co-op Offers Options

The Co-op collection includes public free-standing, private free-standing and private free-standing with full canopy models. Each one offers a different degree of privacy and involvement. Mix them across the workspace and suit every employee’s task requirements. The Co-op Single Work Modules are perfect for telemarketers, assistants, and employees who are in constant need of reporting, video or voice-calling. The canopy helps keep outer noise and disruptions at bay while avoiding disruptions for people around.

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Your Personal Space, Fully Customized

Co-op Single Work Modules have the essential components for a comfortable personal space. The 27” integrated table, power unit on the front or side of the seat or table, and the optional overhead LED lights have a touch power button. An accent tier panel on the canopy can be fully upholstered or with laminate, veneer or whiteboard. The range of choices can help you create any style. Make the look uniform in your office by combining the work units with lounge seating and meeting tables.

office furniture near me

Learn much more about the Co-op Single Work Module and other furniture by Arcadia, as well as a wide range of office furniture and lounge furniture. Contact us, call 212.706.8509 or come over to our Arcadia Showroom NYC and try the Co-op Single Work Module by yourself! We surely have the fresh style you need for a modern office design in NYC.


  • Designed by QDesign
  • Available in public free-standing, private free-standing and private free-standing with full canopy models
  • 4 options for accent tier panel: fully upholstered, veneer, laminate or whiteboard
  • 27″ high integrated table available in Maple, Walnut and White Oak veneer or laminate selections
  • Power units on front and side of seating units/on tables as well as on tables.
  • Optional overhead LED light with touch-controlled power
  • Complements: lounge seating and meeting tables