Looking for an eco friendly lounge chair with unparalleled beauty and ergonomic design? Go for  the stylishly modern Avatar Soft Seating by Krug for that high end look you seek. I’ll add personality to any space! This forward thinking lounge chair has a sophisticated lightness that’ll beautify any modern office environment, whether a reception area, lounge area, conference room, waiting area and libraries – spaces where creativity flows! 

The minimalist, lightweight design of this beauty offers a casual, calming feel. Avatar’s modern lounge chair comes with polished chrome aluminum feet and optional aluminum arms as well. All major components of the lounge chair, including its arms, bases and legs, are made to be field-replaceable to ensure maximum product life. It’ll surely last forever! And, this masterpiece may be customized to perfectly fit your corporate culture. Brilliant! 


Top Features

  • Design made to last
  • Polished chrome aluminum feet
  • Optional polished chrome aluminum arms
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made of up to 45% recyclable materials
  • Available in a variety of colours and finishing options

We hope this info inspires you. As you can see, the stylishly modern Krug Avatar Soft Seating will bring your modern office environment, whether a lounge area, waiting area or conference room, the high end look you desire. Ready to discover other quality Krug furniture pieces that are authentic to your style? Visit Manhattan Office Design!