You may be dreaming of putting together a comfy lounge ensemble at work or in a common area. If you have recently typed “office furniture near me” into your browser in hopes of finding a lounge that captures you, this might just be it! We want to give you a look at LB Lounge collection from AIS. This line of minimal and sophisticated yet welcoming lounge furniture complements or defines your environment to look clean, cozy, and uncluttered. Learn much more about LB Lounge! Contact us, call 212.706.8509 or show up and have a test at the collection at our AIS Showroom in NYC. We can beat any quote.

AIS Showroom in NYC

Identify Your Space with LB Lounge

LB Lounge’s simple, rectilinear shapes and solid design can create clean boundaries in a space, apart from providing a leisure, waiting or meeting area that offers comfort and closeness. The ample seat dimensions will make guests feel relaxed and at ease whether in a corporate, educational, meeting or dining area. LB Lounge flaunts a minimal yet versatile design that fits both common spaces or private spaces well.

AIS Showroom in NYC

LB Lounge Doubles as Storage

Everyday areas are supposed to remain clutter-free, but dedicating extra space to storage towers, credenzas, closets or drawers isn’t always a viable choice. LB Lounge takes away that worry by providing built-in open storage. Your lounging area will always look clean and decluttered, giving the sense of being ample and uncomplicated. Mix and match your seating with open bases or solid bases in a wide variety of laminate finishes and maximize space.

AIS Showroom in NYC

A Variety of Pieces to Arrange

The LB Lounge collection is versatile since it features single-seat lounges, two-seat settees, three-seat sofas, ottomans, corner tables, and end tables. You don’t have to limit your creativity. Design your style and feel by blending finishes and upholstery options for a custom look.

There’s more to know about AIS’ LB Lounge collection. Contact us or call 212.706.8509. If you want to have a test at LB Lounge, come over to our AIS Showroom. You’ll love the LB Lounge Collection and a wide variety of other furniture pieces from other top brands. Reach out to us to get the best furniture for your office design NYC.


Seats with multiple seat and back widths and heights

Open or solid base option for single-seats, two-seat settees, and three-seat sofas

Many grade-A laminate choices for the storage base

Single upholstery fabric for all pieces, or different fabrics for the seat and back cushions

Different upholstery materials are accepted (COM)

Can be integrated with Calibrate® , Matrix™, Divi® and other AIS solutions

CAL 117 fire code compliant