Looking for an eco friendly lounge chair with superb strength and unparalleled beauty that gives your high traffic office environment a high end look? Consider the groundbreaking Krug Zola Lounge Soft Seating! The coveted Zola collection by Krug features freestanding and modular soft seating, tables and benches. Pretty innovative!

This Zola‘s sleek, light grace belies its superb durability, making it an ideal solution for intensive environments like reception areas, high traffic areas and public spaces. This heavy duty masterpiece was specifically designed to withstand the rigors of demanding use. 

And, the beautifully chic Soft Seating collection made with recyclable materials, provides incredible versatility. It may be easily reconfigured! 

Thanks to its replaceable components and its eco friendliness,  Krug Zola Lounge Soft Seating the office furniture solution that is sustainable, healthy and economical. What more could you possibly want?

Zola Soft Seating

Top Features

  • Built to last
  • Interchangeable components
  • Recycled and recyclable materials, GREENGUARD™ certification
  • Can be used as a bench or as a chair, linked or unlinked, with or without arms – 
  • It can be reconfigured with ease 
  • Wood or upholstered backs
  • Freestanding and linked seating and tables
  • Replaceable components
  • Heavy-duty structure designed for intensive use
  • Removable and replaceable covers for easy cleaning or repair

We hope this info inspires you. As you can see, the groundbreaking Krug Zola Lounge Soft Seating will bring your high traffic office space the high end look you desire. Ready to discover other eco friendly Krug furniture pieces that are authentic to your style? Visit Manhattan Office Design!