Office Furniture Companies like Humanscale, AIS and Safco are part of our trusted manufacturers and you should definitely check out the solutions we can provide with them. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

We work with a lot of talented and extremely elegant furniture makers, many of which also specialize in outstanding office interior design solutions, as well as modular solutions. A great deal of them are concerned with sustainable practices and all of them (no question about it) have their sights set into the office of the next 20 to 30 years. Here are 7 of our best modern office furniture dealers:

Humanscale Office Furniture

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We just can’t help ourselves, can we? How can we not put these guys at the top of the list? Humanscale, as the name indicates, has a deep connection to nature, more specifically human nature. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that they understand our bodies and behaviors better than we do in many respects, and that shows on the furniture. It really shows.

The Magnuson Group

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The simple, elegant, and quite innovative furniture solutions from the Magnuson Group are making the biophilic office cooler than any other office, while also making nature

not only accessible but desirable.

They are unconventional, but in the best way possible, and they manage to retain a seriousness and wisdom that oozes quality and understanding. They are true champions of interior office design.

Peter Pepper Products

office furniture dealer

The PPP collective might just be what millennials have been waiting for. Their product line does not include the common desks and task chairs you and I know; it features things that you didn’t know could be built.

Artsy, colorful, creative, and quite playful, Peter Pepper Products are something you might find in a museum instead of an office (but it does look and work better on the latter).


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The people at OFGO have literally torn down the conventional office space and rebuilt it piece by piece, featuring new combinations, getting rid of the old ways, and championing flexibility and collaboration.

Having OFGO furniture on your office is akin to having a gigantic LEGO set, with every piece encased in the most elegant upholstery. The possibilities are truly endless.


office furniture dealer

We couldn’t really leave out the guys from Affordable Interior Systems, one of the oldest furniture makers from this list, and one of the most experienced. AIS is innovating through the conventional, which is also necessary. They are offering understandable and easy-to-use furniture with a twist that speaks to people’s hearts and minds. They are not cheap, however, they are approachable.


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Simplicity with a touch of futuristic vision. Versteel relies heavily on their expert craftsmanship and makes a point to showcase how they’re virtually reinventing tradition. You could almost consider them ‘chefs’ in the furniture realm: pushing boundaries, trying new things, and constantly getting involved with their customers through an invitation to explore the world of office design with their bare hands.


office furniture dealer

Schools, offices, hospitals, anyone can benefit from Safco. They seem like your regular office retailer and are named like a store you would visit on a Saturday when you need to paint your house. Maybe this is a good thing, maybe we don’t need to know right away that Safco can (and will) surprise you.

Adaptability, functionality, and lots of interesting new shapes for your space. What else could you need?