OFGO STUDIO has been creating excellent office furniture for over 30 years under a unique culture of fellowship and equality. It’s one of the reasons why it’s one of our trusted manufacturers. They’ve been working for the past few months in something exciting and today we’re excited to share the news! The wait is finally over! OFGO STUDIO is now live. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.


Since 1980, OFGO STUDIO has been a thorough manufacturer of ergonomic office furniture, producing high-performance office furniture solutions and workplace environments that adapt to the always-changing needs of modern companies in NYC.

OFGO Studio has always embraced office design and research to come up with advanced ideas and office furniture products. Their philosophy of innovation and excellence is always reflected in the beauty and craftsmanship of their office furniture products. In this spirit, they’ve announced a completely relaunch and rebranding that was finished today.



Live your vision and love your space is the new motto of OFGO Studio. What do they mean by “Live your Vision?” They want to communicate their promise to always work hard to take visions and turn them into living realities. What do they mean by “Love your Space”? They want to express their wish for their customers, to live in spaces that combine function, beauty, productivity, comfort, and happiness.

New OFGO Office Furniture in NYC

Along with this new rebranding, they are launching new, exciting product lines. Here’s just a preview of some of these new products.

The Beatbox collection


The Beatbox Collection is comprised of sofas, screens, and tables designed to create modular seating spaces or individual hubs with office spaces in mind. The Beatbox collection features screens that can be attached in several places to turn any seat into a private enclosure, so people can work together or privately based on their needs.

The Arrive Collection


Our go-to OFGO choice when it comes to design luxurious reception areas. The Arrive Collection. Featuring stacked layers to create a floating top appearance that’s available in L and U configurations to better adapt to your needs. Speaking of which, The Arrive Collection is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. Finally, optional LED light accents can illuminate your reception area and bring new light to your company.

The Trello Collection


The OFGO Trello Collection is a versatile offering of flip or fixed tables that are well suited for modern offices. Each Trello Table features a die-cast aluminum construction for additional durability, a single point release paddle easily accessible under the work surface, rubber bumpers on the base front to protect the table, auto-flip modesty panels, and power/USB add-ons. Easily reconfigurable and flexible, the Trello collection gives you the freedom to reconfigure tables to create the workspace that you need.

Eager to discover more OFGO Office Furniture solutions in NYC? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you bring these new product lines to your workplace.