Peter Pepper Products iBooths reflects a new era of office furniture with their office phone booths, meeting pods and quiet spaces. The iBooth represents an alternative to open-plan offices to offer more privacy and quiet for the team members that need them without taking too much valuable space. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

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It seems that the standard for many companies in New York is an open office with a few conference rooms scattered around the floor. But this is no longer considered acceptable by employees and team members who seek to drive real innovation inside their modern companies.

Did you know that 69% of Americans workers claim they struggle hard to focus at work, and more than 30% of millennials report spending up to 2 hours a day on their phones? Why are office workers so distracted? The answer is really simple. There is simply too much going on around the average office in New York. Every little sound, every person walking by is another distraction we all have to fight against on a daily basis.

Despite the popularity of the open-plan office, the number of studies on productivity and focus that have been done over the last twenty years leaves us no doubt: it can no longer be denied that open-plan office is in many ways a bad idea.

Why are open-plan offices still popular?

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Mostly because the biggest benefit of open-plan offices is still valid. Open offices encourage collaborative work, interpersonal communication and help teams stay more connected. What companies in NYC still using open-plan offices need to know is that they also drastically increase employee error rates and stress levels.

And it’s understandable, even common sense that they do. It’s nearly impossible to focus on crafting the perfect email when your coworkers are talking on the phone behind you all day.

We have found that the ideal work environment is one where the office design takes into consideration the fact that most people work best when they feel they have control over their environment. When all your team members feel trapped in the same open space, it’s pretty hard to maintain that sense of control.

Moreover, your office design needs to take into consideration the fact that different people work in different ways: while there might extroverted employees who need to be in communication and work with others, there are other more introverted employees who might need quiet, focus and privacy to do their job.

How can you design the perfect office?

office furniture

One of the best ways you can provide your employees with the personal space they often need to really focus on their work is soundproof privacy booths like the Peter Pepper Products iBooth. The Peter Pepper Products iBooths add a sense of well being in the office to those individuals who need them to work at their best. Ultimately, office design it’s all about providing your employees with a place to do their best work without any kind of interruptions.

The iBooth features acoustic wall panels that allow for easy phone calls and video conferencing without any audio complications. Have an impromptu video call but don’t want to take up an entire conference room, or annoy the whole office by talking out in the open? That’s exactly why the Peter Pepper Products iBooths are on the rise. The open office design makes it really hard for individuals to be effective when they’re constantly battling distractions but with iBooths like these, you can get the best of both worlds.

Think about it, many open floor plan offices in New York and around the world spend billions of dollars every year on office furniture and office interior design to make their offices look more visually appealing, but what about the hardworking employees who have to work in those open office environments?

If you ask the average worker who has to handle video conferences and phone calls on a daily basis if they would rather have cool lights or a place in which they have some privacy we can guarantee you they’ll pick the latter almost every time. The Peter Pepper Products iBooths are perfect for taking important calls, handling private conversations and increasing your office overall.

Unlike many other boots in the market, the iBooth features sound-dampening and privacy without isolating you completely from the rest of the office and maintaining visibility to the surrounding space. You can easily place the iBooth iBooth in collaborative and common areas, connecting corridors, lobbies, and public and private space and it’ll be incredibly hard to make it look out of place.

office furniture

The are several freestanding models of the iBoohts that are available with a powder-coated steel base, or wall-mounted with left, right or front orientation, depending on your preferences and needs.

With built-in power modules and two additional USB outlets for charging 5V devices, you can always stay connected for long periods of time. You can simply plug in and start working on a convenient work surface suitable for whatever you might throw at it. The iBooth is perfect for standing desk enthusiasts but if you’re wondering what chair would go great with your iBooth, consider the Peter Pepper Products StackR Stool.