Everyone knows that spending the entire day staring at a computer screen is terrible for our eyes, but how many of us actually do something about it? One of our trusted manufacturers, Humanscale, decided to take a stand.

By working closely with Humanscale products and their thorough research into workplace trends and ergonomic office furniture, we recently started offering a new lamp designed to help you avoid the fatigue and eye strain of working long hours in front of a computer.

The Cause of Eye Strain

Burning the midnight oil is a frequent necessary evil for many Americans, but even a great deal of people who don’t work overtime probably spend most of their free late-night hours in front of a blue light screen.

Why is this a problem? Because this blue light suppresses the secretion sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. This disrupts your sleep patterns by keeping you awake longer than usual.

There are several apps and services that help you warm up your screen lights at night, whether that light comes from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. But, as we’ve discussed before, you can always ratchet things up a notch or two by incorporating dual-source lighting in your office. Using both overhead lighting and adjustable task lights like the ones manufactured by Humanscale not only offer you the perfect amount of light but help you prevent eye strain.

How? By adding one of our Humanscale lighting solution to your workspace (and even your home) will provide you a warmer optimal source of light at all times and lessen the dependency and exposure to harsh fluorescent lighting that causes eye strain.

Introducing Humanscale’s Infinity Lamp

This Humanscale Lamp Will Help You Prevent Eye Strain and Screen Fatigue

The sleek, almost futuristic design of the table lamp lets you know right away that you are witnessing the next generation of office lighting solutions. The Humanscale Infinity Lamp is a single two-piece arm that features the company’s trademark ‘forever hinges,’ which they describe as a combination of small springs and inserts that make moving the lamp a more balanced and flexible experience.

The shade of the Humanscale Infinity Lamp is a circular flat panel that, along with the centrally-placed LED bulb, is meant to cast a single, constant stream of warm light into a surface. Humanscale wants eliminate the dependency on of overhead lighting, which might be the cause for not only physical exertion but excessive energy consumption.

The Humanscale Infinity Light is meant to provide enough brightness to a room for the user do without the usual office lighting, which is apparently just as eye-straining as the one from your computer screen.

We’re more than proud to be a Humanscale Dealer in New York. We share the same commitment to sustainability and humane workspaces that have helped many of us become one of the best office furniture retailers today.

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