If your business is located in NYC, and you are looking forward for an office renovation, there is nothing better than do it New York Style. Let’s have a little chat on how to succeed in New York with your office design.

Renovating your office in NYC

Anyone in the world of business knows very well that local customs and practices are important. A well experimented business man learn about local customs to communicate and promote trust around its products and services. Is not different in New York City and its business sphere, and the style of your office may play a good part to promote trust, create a colaborative space and succeed in the big apple.

How does a successful NY Office look like?

In the NYC environment, a successful business must project trust, confidence and a positive vibe, but without being too overwhelming. Big Apple customers appreciate comfort and good lighting, so good office furniture is  a must. Natural sources of light and cleanness are highly appreciated. Let’s share some tips about it:

Tips for a successful furniture design in NYC

Take care of your image

If your business has a head office and customer service offices , is important to take care of your corporate image. They both need to be attended and project a beautiful, coherent and modern image. Daily business happens in your customer service office, and in the hyper competitive market of NYC,  clients take note of  it. On the other hand, the big decisions are taken in your head office, and key investors and visitors take notice, too. But always keep in mind that office furniture design avoids always overwhelming, excessive décor .

Your Customer Service Office

If you have a customer/ public service office, some elements are key. Comfortable chairs for the public and a beautiful, but sober coffee table are a desired standard. In reception areas, a well-thought desk, provided of proper office furniture is definitely a wild card, and it can create a perdurable impression on customers. In Manhattan Office Design we are ready to help you with the best office seats for all the requirements of a modern office, like office workstations, reception chairs and customer service furniture. With the best brands of the market. Like AIS Furniture, HON Furniture, and HumanScale Furniture, Manhattan Office Design can help you to choose the best match for your office  both.

Always good lighting

Good lighting is basic, because it project trust and honestly. If natural sources are available, they must be used. Large windows and small, bright ceiling lamps are always welcomed.

The influence of Industrial Design and Mid Century Modern

Another characteristic element in NYC offices interior design is the exposure of the ventilation and condensation system supplies in the hollow ceiling beams. They are considered itself as a decorative element, in a industrial, or Mid Century Modern style.

Flowers and plants

As a décor element, NYC business and offices use to have flowers. Nowadays, the green trend is quite strong, too. This is, big green plants.

If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer of office solutions, with the best brands in the market, at really affordable prices.