We are at the beginning of a new normalcy in NYC, and business will back promptly. If you need to undertake the renovation of your office in New York, there are some tips to take into consideration, from learned lessons during these pandemic times.

Your Office will not be the Same.

This current pandemic changed for a long time the relationships of work. Some people just will never get back to their offices, working remotely. Some will ask for a part-time scheme. And for all of those that get back in the office, they will notice that it has some changes, and even request it. What are these changes, and what can Manhattan Office Design do for you to help you?

Mix individual places and common areas.

Not only due to the Working From Home revolution you will find the need for a renovation in your office. You will need to change the layout just to provide proper social distance in your current workstations. Any workroom made for team meetings or intensive collaboration spaces with little distance may be reconsidered, so, individual workstations are a must.

But not only the individual workspace requires some changes. Privacy and safety count a lot more, so in order to keep a balance between employees working in their personal space, and conference rooms, the adoption of limited spaces to provide privacy and isolation is a new rising trend. Office Phone Pods may help you to harmonize the requirements isolation and privacy for small meetings, and while the rest of the floor keeps working in their daily routine, small teams may reunite and have that delicate videoconference quickly.

The hot desk and a cleaner space.

A safer, cleaner space is a basic requirement nowadays. To sustain a healthier office, current research shows us that assigned workstations tend to be a lot dirtier than non-assigned workstations.  This is due to the convention between management and cleaning crews of not cleaning spaces with personal belongings. So, the adoption of non-assigned workstations, and to transform a good part of the office into a common space where workstations are taken when employees arrive, will assure an automatic improvement in the hygienic and sanity of the whole place.

Tools to improve your office, with Manhattan Office Design

You don’t have to be lost or confused with the next steps you should take to take your office to the next level. In Manhattan Office Design we can help you all along the way. From our On-Site Consultation service, operating from your office, and meeting on-site; to our commercial partners with the ultimate in office design, you can be confident of being in good hands.  With excellence in brands as HON  Furniture, AIS Furniture, and Global Furniture you will count on the precise tools required to make that big change in your place.

Panels, Workstations, and Benching Systems.

To create and renovate your office spaces, you will be better with the best companies in the business. HON Furniture, with Empower, its trustable line of workstations; AIS Furniture, with Divi, its versatile line of panels and benching; and Global Furniture Group with Bridges II, its useful line of office connection systems, you have all the tools to create, renovate and relaunch an office to succeed. Manhattan Office Design has the best price relation and the best customer support services to make it work and worthy for you.

If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer in office solutions, with the best brands in the market, like AIS Furniture and HON Furniture, at really affordable prices.