With increasingly collaborative workspaces, companies in New York should consider utilizing AIS Office Furniture Systems products, one of our most renown manufactures that are currently the name of the game.

These customizable AIS Office Furniture Modular Systems integrate workspace, storage, electrical requirements and all you might need to create the perfect work environment in New York and satisfy your clients or employees’ needs.

Why you should consider AIS Office Furniture?

One of our modern manufacturing marvels, we like to work with AIS’s award-winning systems because they are designed with open space in mind without compromising the requirements of multi-functional workstations. The best part? They’re also affordable and have a solid warranty.

With that in mind, we have come up with a list of our favorite AIS Office Furniture for NYC Workspaces for each office furniture category.

AO2 Panel System

AO2 Panel System is our go-to choice in terms of panel systems mainly because it’s versatile, it can work on its own or work with additional AIS Office Furniture.

A02 is designed specifically to provide the user with a solid panel construction with plenty of additional features: fabric and glass panels in varying heights, a 6” base raceway to handle electrical and data requirements, and practically countless options in terms of worksurfaces, components, accessories and finish options.

These features make the A02 Panel System, the ideal combination of performance and value to expand any offices in New York for less.

Oxygen Benching System

Now, in terms of Benching Systems, we often go with the AIS Oxygen Bench system.

Why? We’ve found that the Oxygen Benching System is not only designed specifically for the way New York Offices work today, but they’re also designed to adapt and go along the way.

The AIS Oxygen Benching System easily satisfies the requirements of NYC Offices which are always diverse and ever-changing. These benching systems adapt to any electrical needs, computer accessories, privacy requirements, and employee work styles.

Our favorite feature? The AIS Oxygen Benching System makes it easy to stay connected with electrical components built right into the surfaces and legs.

Calibrate Casegoods

The high-end Calibrate Casegood series is our favorite case goods solutions in the AIS Office Furniture catalog. Not only because it looks great but because it’s got several features, finishes, hardware options, and loads of styles to choose from.

The Calibrate Casegood series works well with private offices, open plans, collaborative spaces, formal conferencing areas. With plenty of finish choices, helpful storage solutions, and smart design details, you’ll be able to adapt your NYC workspace any way you want it.

The Calibrate Casegoods is our go-to choice because it makes our job easy when it comes to supporting your needs and preferences while ensuring an attractive workspace you’ll want to come every day.

And while we’re talking about the Calibrate Series…

Calibrate Series Storage

Not only the Calibrate Series is our go-to choice for casegoods, but the Calibrate Series also provide everything you would expect from a storage office solution.

Pull-out storage, wardrobes, bookcases, pedestals, lockers, and more. No matter how you want to use them, whether in a traditional or open plan workspace.

We guarantee you’ll enjoy all the finish choices, storage possibilities, smart design details, and super-easy integration with other AIS Office Furniture products that the Calibrate Storage Series brings to the table.

Calibrate Laminate Conferencing

Created specifically for productive meetings, the Calibrate Laminate Conferencing is our favorite AIS office furniture conferencing solutions.

The AIS Calibrate Laminate Conferencing offers you a variety of sizes, shapes, edge details, and bases. In addition to the power and data solutions, more than 20 high-quality laminate options match seamlessly with the rest of our AIS office furniture series.

The series of Calibrate Conferencing solutions are designed to make collaborative work, sharing, and presenting not only comfortable but simple, you can focus on working on those big ideas.

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Still not convinced? Contact us and we’ll gladly work together to identify the right solution for your NYC Workspace