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Nightingale Office Furniture

With their ‘purpose before profit’ motto, Nightingale has made a catalog out of one ubiquitous item: office task chairs. They come in every shape and size that you can imagine, and their particular purpose is clearly defined and expertly brought to fruition. Nightingale was founded in 1928, making it one of the oldest modern furniture stores in America, and definitely one of the best.

After 90 years of producing top-quality office chairs, Nightingale has begun to introduce newer product lines to compete in the open-plan office industry. Their sleek lounge solutions are quite modern and innovative, featuring tall high-back seats for common areas and white-clad ribbed executive chairs full of functionality and taste.

Nightingale designs all of its chairs and components form the very beginning, putting their focus into a single purpose for every item, which makes them a lot more efficient.

Green and Sustainable Manufacturing

Nightingale Office Furniture

Nightingale is also known for its commitment to green business practices, being one of the few companies that operate 100% off-grid. They only use wind and solar energy on their factories, and all of their materials are sourced from sustainable landfill-free factories with a policy of zero waste.

Nightingale also champions equality and has managed to put together a workforce that’s 50% female without compromising on quality standards or productivity. They also support the Urban Beehive Project and are helping to keep the bee population of North America alive.

Nightingale Office Furniture and Task Chairs

All of that should be enough to bring them some more customers, after all, their sustainable policies have already made them famous. Nightingale designs its chairs to last a lifetime. They’re not meant to be quickly replaced but rather repurposed into something else when the occasion arises.

As a first look at their product line, let’s consider one of their most popular items: the CXO 6200D task chair. An extremely refreshing design, tightly padded and upholstered, the CXO is undoubtedly an office chair but it kind of resembles a gaming chair (and that’s a good thing). The patterned weave of the seat and back keep the chair dynamic while providing excellent lumbar support, world-class ergonomics. The chairs also feature a knee-tilt mechanism for synchronous movement, a technology that allows for organic flexibility and better usage. Their chairs are also extremely strong and durable,

supporting weights of up to 350 lbs.

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