AIS Office furniture is one of the top solutions in commercial office design, with a more serious approach to the workplace and an innovative vision that still manages to retain a conservative standpoint. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

AIS Office furniture

Ergonomic chairs are a staple in their product line, but there’s always something surprising in every category. As a top AIS Dealer in New York, we know that we have to include AIS products in order to become the best office furniture dealers there are in the city, but there are many products to choose from their vast array of interior design solutions.

Here we name the key proposals available from AIS in Manhattan Office Design:

Executive office chairs from AIS

AIS Office furniture

The Upton, Natick and Granite task chairs have become very popular as two sides of what AIS can offer. On one hand, you have a comfortable task chair with lots of padding (and a very appealing seat design), and on the other, you have a simpler rendition which still retains most of the ergonomic functionality.

AIS also offers a stool product line that includes even simpler task chairs, with less functionality, and regular office stools including smaller cubes with wheels called Volkers. The latter is reminiscent of Versteel’s interactive stools, but they are much less functional and appealing. However, that doesn’t mean they’re of less quality, quite the opposite.

We should also mention the Sulli stools, created by ITO Design. These gummy- looking seats are much more affordable options for places like meeting rooms or lunch spaces. They look a lot like leisure items but have tilt and height adjustment features.

Desks and Accessories

AIS Office furniture

Regarding desks, the Aloft’s modern look, along with its adjustable capabilities, makes it a great choice for open-plan office spaces, taking storage to the next level and innovating on office interior design as a whole.

AIS also makes a variety of excellent laminated case goods. Their Calibrate series is perfect for corner offices and common spaces. AIS allows customers to modify them according to their particular needs and office style, making sure that everyone can enjoy them.