Every workspace requires specific configuration and optimal use of available resources. This is something that Global Furniture Group designers knew when they created the Bridges II Collection, which includes all the technical elements to design a work area efficiently, capable of delivering everything that modern professional environments demand. However, what makes this collection so special is that it also includes privacy screens, tables, tablets, and power options for high performance and flexibility. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with less space than a collection of traditional furniture would take.

When you design your office, the components of this collection allow you to dispose of them independently and individually or in a fully integrated way, with the possibility of generating open environments with high privacy. The Bridges, Boulevard, and System 3 benches allow you to organize the area with great care of the logistical and functional aspects, according to the architectural properties of the place and complement them with a series of tables from Global Furniture Group Bridges II. You can also use them independently for open, reception, or team areas. Choose Global Furniture Group’s wonderful resources and discover what they can do for you.

Bridges II Collection
Source: Global Furniture